Legal Notices

Public Notice Of District Commissioner Vacancy A Vacancy exists on the Board of Commissioners of Horton Highway Utility District. The Board plans certify a list of three nominees to the Marshall County Mayor to fill this vacancy at their regular Monthly Board of Commissioners meeting at 3:00 P.M. on May 9, 2019. A customer may submit a name for consideration to the Board for the list of nominees. To be considered the name must be mailed to Horton Highway Utility , P.O. Box 85 Chapel Hill TN. 37034 or dropped off at Horton Highway Utility District at 102 South Horton Pkw., Chapel Hill, TN. 37034. Please state on the outside of the envelope, "Attention Horton Highway Utility Board Of Commissioners" Commissioner Ballot. All nominees must be submitted one week before the board meeting on May 9, 2019 at 3.00 PM. Qualifications established by the board of nominees are available upon request.
The Tennessee Duck River Development Agency will hold its regular quarterly board meeting on Thursday, April 25, at 5 p.m. in the A-B hotel conference rooms at Henry Horton State Park in Chapel Hill. The board meeting will be preceded by a work session at 4 p.m.
NOTICE OF GRAND JURY MEETING It is the duty of your grand jurors to investigate any public offense which they know or have reason to believe has been committed and which is triable or indictable in this county. Any person having knowledge or proof that an offense has been committed may apply to testify before the grand jury subject to the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, § 40-12-104. You can send applications to: Grand Jury Foreman, c/o Mike Wiles, 216 M.C. Courthouse, Lewisburg, TN 37091. "The grand jury will next meet on Wednesday, the 22nd day of May, 2019, at 9:00 AM. You may be prosecuted for perjury for any oral or written statement which you make under oath to the grand jury, when you know the statement to be false, and when the statement touches on a matter material to the point in question."
Lewisburg Water and Wastewater will have the monthly board meeting on Tuesday April 23, 2019 at 12:00 p.m. Located at 100 Water St, Lewisburg, TN 37091
Metcalf NOTICE OF FORECLOSURE SALE WHEREAS, Chris Metcalf and wife, Renee Metcalf and Poarch Construction, LLC, by Deed of Trust (the “Deed of Trust”) dated August 26, 2016, of record in Deed Book 689, Page 333, Register’s Office of Marshall County, Tennessee, conveyed to William B. Marsh, Trustee, the hereinafter described real property to secure the payment of a certain Consumer Real Estate Secured Note (the “Note”) described in the Deed of Trust, which Note was payable to First Commerce Bank; WHEREAS, Said William B. Marsh, Trustee, is unable to act as Trustee under the Deed of Trust, and I have been appointed Substitute Trustee by the owner and holder of the Note by an instrument of record in Deed Book 767, Page 937, Register’s Office of Marshall County, Tennessee; WHEREAS, default has been made in the payment of the Note; and WHEREAS, the owner and holder of the Note has demanded that the hereinafter described real property be advertised and sold in satisfaction of indebtedness and costs of foreclosure in accordance with the term and provisions of the Note and Deed of Trust. NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that I, Louisa Jackson Davis, Substitute Trustee, pursuant to the power, duty, and authority vested in and conferred upon me, by the Deed of Trust, will on May 10, 2019 at 11:00 a.m. at the main entrance of the Marshall County Courthouse, in Lewisburg, Tennessee offer for sale to the highest bidder for cash, and free from all legal, equitable and statutory rights of redemption, exemptions of homestead, rights by virtue of marriage, and all other exemptions of every kind, all of which have been waived in the Deed of Trust, certain real property located in Marshall County, Tennessee, described as follows: Beginning at an iron pipe, the intersection of the north margin of Fox Lane with the east margin of Barron Road; thence with the said margin of Barron Road North 4 deg. 22 min. East 1008.5 feet to an iron pipe, the SW corner of this tract; thence South 84 deg.30 min. East approximately 596.85 feet; thence North 1 deg. 55 min. East 200 feet; thence North 84 deg. 30 min. West 588.4 feet to the Eastern border of Barron Road; thence South 4 deg. 22 min. West 200 feet to the point of beginning, containing 2.75 acres, more or less, and is subject to a dedicated roadway known as Barron Road. Being the same property conveyed to Chris Metcalf and Wife, Renee Metcalf by Executor’s Deed from Daniel Mitchell, Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Mineko Burgess on August 26, 2016 and recorded in Deed Book 689, Page 331 in the Marshall County, Tennessee Register of Deeds Office on August 31, 2016. The address of said property being 885 Barron Road, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091. This sale is subject to all matters shown on any applicable recorded plat; any unpaid taxes; and restrictive covenants, easements, or setback lines that may be applicable; any statutory rights of redemption of any governmental agency, state or federal; any prior liens or encumbrances as well as any priority created by a fixture filing; and to any matter that an accurate survey of the premises might disclose. In addition, the following parties may claim an interest in the above-referenced property: Interest parties: Quinn Brandon Stewart, Midland Funding, LLC, as successor in interest to “CitiFinancial” and Aqua Finance. The sale held pursuant to this Notice may be rescinded at the Successor Trustee’s option at any time. The right is reserved to adjourn the day of the sale to another day, time and place certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time and place for the sale set forth above. Dated the 9th day of April, 2019. Louisa Jackson Davis Substitute Trustee 101 1st Avenue North Lewisburg, TN 37091 (931) 422-5615 Publish: April 12, 2019, April 19, 2019, April 26, 2019
The Marshall County Highway Department will be accepting sealed bids for the RS-2. Bids will be opened in the office of Jerry T. Williams, Superintendent of Roads on April 25, 2019 at 9:00 AM. Bid specifications may be picked up at the Marshall County Highway Department, 1593 Old Columbia Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091. The Marshall County Highway Department reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids. The Marshall County Highway Department is an equal opportunity employer.
INVITATION TO BID Marshall County, Tennessee is requesting bids for Cleaning Services for various county properties. Bids will be accepted by the Marshall County Budget Office, 2205 Courthouse Annex, Lewisburg, TN 37091 until 2:00 p.m. local time Monday, May 6, 2019 at which time they will be publicly opened and read aloud. There will be a mandatory pre-bid conference on Monday, April 29, 2019 at 10 a.m. at 2204 Courthouse Annex, Lewisburg, TN 37091. Detailed specifications and bidding instructions may be obtained from the Budget Office at 931-359-2300. Marshall County reserves the right to reject any/or all bids and waive any formalities. Marshall County is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
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