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Legal Notices

NOTICE OF GRAND JURY MEETING It is the duty of your grand jurors to investigate any public offense which they know or have reason to believe has been committed and which is triable or indictable in this county. Any person having knowledge or proof that an offense has been committed may apply to testify before the grand jury subject to the provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, § 40-12-104. You can send applications to: Grand Jury Foreman, c/o Courtney Boatright, 216 M.C. Courthouse, Lewisburg, TN 37091. "The grand jury will next meet on Wednesday, the 21st day of September, 2016, at 9:00 AM. You may be prosecuted for perjury for any oral or written statement which you make under oath to the grand jury, when you know the statement to be false, and when the statement touches on a matter material to the point in question."
There is a vacancy on the Cornersville Planning Commission. Anyone interested in this position, please contact Cornersville Town Hall at 293-4482.
Jones NOTICE OF TRUSTEE'S SALE WHEREAS, default has occurred in the performance of the covenants, terms, and conditions of a Deed of Trust Note dated October 14, 2003, and the Deed of Trust of even date securing the same, recorded October 22, 2003, in Book No. 375, at Page 920, in Office of the Register of Deeds for Marshall County, Tennessee, executed by Mike Jones and Alinka Jones, conveying certain property therein described to USA Title as Trustee for Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc., as nominee for Accredited Home Lenders, Inc., its successors and assigns; and the undersigned, Wilson & Associates, P.L.L.C., having been appointed Successor Trustee by U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust. NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that the entire indebtedness has been declared due and payable; and that an agent of Wilson & Associates, P.L.L.C., as Successor Trustee, by virtue of the power, duty, and authority vested in and imposed upon said Successor Trustee, by U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., as Trustee for LSF9 Master Participation Trust, will, on September 19, 2016 on or about 3:30 PM, at the Marshall County Courthouse, Lewisburg, Tennessee, offer for sale certain property hereinafter described to the highest bidder FOR certified funds paid at the conclusion of the sale, or credit bid from a bank or other lending entity pre-approved by the successor trustee. The sale is free from all exemptions, which are expressly waived in the Deed of Trust, said property being real estate situated in Marshall County, Tennessee, and being more particularly described as follows: Located in the Third (3rd) (old Fifth (5th) Civil District of Marshall County, State of Tennessee, which realty is more particularly described as follows, to-wit: BEGINNING on a set rock in the South edge of the Lewisburg and Holly Grove public road about four (4) miles from Lewisburg, Tennessee, Clay Gates' (formerly), now Virgil Endsley's Northwest corner and the Southwest corner of this tract; run thence North 9- 1/4 deg. East, 26-4/25 poles, to a post; thence South 82-1/2 deg. East, 32 poles, to a stake in the West margin of a lane; thence with said West margin of said lane, South 6-3/4 deg. West, 24-7/25 poles, to a stake North of said public road; thence with said road, North 86 deg. West, 33-12/25 poles, to the point of BEGINNING, containing (by estimation) 5.15 acres, more or less. ALSO KNOWN AS: 1774 Holly Grove Road, Lewisburg, TN 37091 This sale is subject to all matters shown on any applicable recorded plat; any unpaid taxes; any restrictive covenants, easements, or setback lines that may be applicable; any statutory rights of redemption of any governmental agency, state or federal; any prior liens or encumbrances as well as any priority created by a fixture filing; and to any matter that an accurate survey of the premises might disclose. In addition, the following parties may claim an interest in the above-referenced property: MIKE JONES ALINKA JONES HEIGHTS FINANCE CORPORATION The sale held pursuant to this Notice may be rescinded at the Successor Trustee’s option at any time. The right is reserved to adjourn the day of the sale to another day, time, and place certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time and place for the sale set forth above. W&A No. 314675 DATED August 5, 2016 WILSON & ASSOCIATES, P.L.L.C., Successor Trustee FOR SALE INFORMATION, VISIT WWW.MYFIR.COM and WWW.REALTYTRAC.COM 08/12/16 08/19/16 08/26/16
IN THE JUVENILE COURT OF MARSHALL COUNTY, TENNESSEE Tennessee Department of Children's Services Petitioner Vs. TINA LOUISE KEEL No. 2016-JV-36 IN THE MATTER OF: Hallie Alexis Keel, DOB: 12-7-2005 A CHILD UNDER EIGHTEEN (18) YEARS OF AGE NOTICE TO TINA LOUISE KEEL You are summoned to appear and defend a civil action filed against you in the Juvenile Court of Marshall County in Case #16-JV-36 which the Petitioner has sought to terminate your parental rights to your child, Hallie Keel. This notification will be published for four consecutive weeks in this paper. A copy of the petition is on file with the Juvenile Court Clerk and may be obtained by calling the clerk’s office at 931-359-1312 or by writing to Marshall County Juvenile Court, 301 Marshall County Courthouse, Lewisburg, Tennessee 37091. You are hereby notified that your parental rights to this child may be subject to termination if you fail to appear and contest this proceeding. You may be entitled to a free attorney if you can’t afford to hire one. A Termination of Parental Rights Hearing in this matter is set for November 18, 2016 at 9:00 Central Time in the Juvenile Court Room, Marshall County Courthouse, Lewisburg, Tennessee. Failure to appear at this hearing may substantially compromise your right to this child. Judge Lee Bussart 08/05/16 08/12/16 08/19/16 08/26/16