***JOBS -JOBS-JOBS*** Working Solutions Now Hiring! Assembly/Warehouse Jobs adecell@workingsolutions usa.com 931-652-7384
WANTED: Full or part-time TRUCK DRIVER; requires CDL and a health card; spotting trailers at a local factory. 931-659-9455 931-637-1521
Lewisburg Elks Lodge is currently seeking a chef. Please forward resume to: Clark54136@gmail.com
DELI POSITION open; experience a plus and will be taken into consideration concerning pay but not necessary. Contact Jack 931-993-6908
BRICK - BLOCK - ROCK Repair. NO job too small; 32 years experience. Call Daniel at 931-637-2005.
Dunham's Lawn Care Mowing Landscaping & More call or text 931-993-1614
T&G LAWN CARE We will take the Heat so you won't have to! In Marshall County area only. 931.637.4979
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