DAR Celebrates Flag Day

Friday, June 16, 2006
Scouts Russell Taylor, Todd Childress, Austin Childress, Jace Bahn, Ryan Longchamps and Daniel Longchamps raise the Flag during Flag Day.

The tradition of raising and lowering the flag for Flag Day continued Wednesday with the Robert Lewis Chapter of the National Society Daughter's of the American Revolution hosting their annual event at the site of the Abner Houston home on Cornersville Road.

"It is our honor and our privilege to do this each year," said Dixie Waters of the DAR. "We are a patriotic organization."

The ceremony began with members of Boy Scout Troop #173 unfolding and raising the flag as Charleigh Beth Cagle, CeCe Raffo and Hannah Jeter sang the National Anthem. Invocation for the ceremony was performed by DAR Chaplain, Catherine Allen. Elinor Brandon Foster led the Pledge of Allegiance as guest speaker for the event, Robin Minor, gave the address.

Minor is a teacher and coach at Lewisburg Middle School and was chosen speaker by DAR Flag Custodian Tracy Kilpatrick, a fellow LMS educator. Minor is a history buff himself and considered it an honor to address the DAR for their Flag Day ceremony.

"I know of no greater honor than to say something patriotic to a group of ladies that are descendants of men who actually fought to free our country from the British back during the Revolutionary War," Minor said.

Minor said that when Kilpatrick first asked him to speak, who was unsure of what he could say about the flag. He had much to say about the people behind the flag, such as George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson or Abraham Lincoln.

"(As for the Flag) What could I say that people would truly want to hear," said Minor.

He recalled a poem he heard on the radio back in the early 1970s by country music legend Johnny Cash and the poem stuck with him. The time was during the Vietnam War when the country seemed divided over the conflict abroad and the social issues at home and the poem, "Ragged Old Flag," came across the airwaves as a vision of hope and admiration for the country.

So, Minor decided to read the poem in honor of Flag Day and the men and women who have fought and continue to fight for the freedoms represented by the stars and stripes.

Following Minor's address, Allen performed the closing prayer and Scout Daniel Longchamps played "Taps" as his fellow Scouts lowered the Flag. DAR Hostesses Marjorie Noland and Mollie McConnell welcomed the guests inside the cabin for refreshments to close the 2006 Flag Day ceremony.