Letter to the Editor

Positive Environment at CHES

Friday, September 1, 2006

Letter to Editor

WOW!! What a beginning to our 2006-07 school year at Chapel Hill Elementary School. With the addition of the 6th grade, our enrollment is 802. It makes you wonder how can Chapel Hill Elementary School manage such an increase? Simple answer, the faculty and staff. From our kindergarten through our "guest " 6th grade teachers, teacher assistants, office staff, bus drivers, custodians and our terrific cafeteria staff, they have collectively made it happen. A school could not have a more dedicated, committed staff than we have at CHES. Our school operations are a direct reflection of the efforts of this outstanding group.

As the school principal, I cannot thank our staff enough for the total effort in providing a positive learning environment for our students. The success that we enjoy at CHES is the result of this excellent team of educators and supportive parents.

I would like to publicly thank each one for their contribution. Yes, CHES is crowded and the traffic is trying, but rest assured, education, remains our top priority. To our parents and guests, please remain patient with our traffic flow. Working together will allow our students to arrive and depart in a safe manner. Thank you for your cooperation.


Dean Delk