Friday, September 8, 2006

Barham, Tom

Specialty Shop Retailing: How to Run Your Own Store; given by Mary Ann


Bills, Charlie

James Madison & the Struggle for The Bill of Rights; given by Class of MCHS


Chapman, Robert Earl

Pontiac GTO: The Great One; given by Marshall County Old Car Club.

Clark, Joe Lee

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Della & Wilford Rudd.

Raising Respectful Children in a Disrespectful World; given by Marshall County

Trustee Employees.

Clift, Mrs. James N. (Lady)

Letters to Kate; given by Edward & Lynda Potts.

Curtis, Inez "Granny Nez"

Yes; and Five for A Little One; given by Hannen Hileman.

Edde, Gayle

Where is Baby's Mommy; Daddy and Me; Grandpa and Me; Grandma and Me;

and My Very First Book of Numbers; given by Dillon Daughrity.

Gabard, Dr. William M.

Donation to the Gabard-Haynes Fund; given by Avola W. Callaway.

Donation to the Gabard-Haynes Fund; given by Joseph, Cindy & Mallory Gabard,

and Billy & Meredith Douglas.

Donation to the Gabard-Haynes Fund; given by Mrs. Tommy Gabard.

Donation to the Gabard-Haynes Fund; given by Mr. & Mrs. Tom Peterson, III.

Donation to the Gabard-Haynes Fund; given by Katherine Rickman & Family.

Donation to the Gabard-Haynes Fund; given by Lane & Briggs Smith.

Gragg, Grace

History of Rover and the 10th District of Bedford County, Bedford County

Tennessee; given by Tenth District Historical Society.

Grogan, Grant

Splash! Rock and Water Design in Gardens; given by Roy & Phyllis Huey.

Hastings, Doyle

Fields of Plenty; given by Belfast Lions Club.

Hierholzer, Sgt. David

Home With God In A Life That Never Ends; given by Ron, Judi and Jill Grennier.

I'll Be In the Car; given by Wendell & Cathey Fullerton.

This is Our War: A Soldier's Portfolio; given by Rotary Club.

Hughes, Anne Farley

The Asian Mystique, Grits Friends are Forevah: A Southern Style Celebration of

Women, and On the First Day of Grade School; given by Linda Gupton.

Birds In Bloom Magazine (One Year Subscription); given by Ed & Julia Dean


Enduring Lives; given by Edward & Lynda Potts.

Making Memory Boxes; and Chinese Children's Favorite Stories; given by CHS

Class of 1962.

Song of the Crow; given by Marie A. Williams.

Hunt, Rev. Hollis

A Day With a Perfect Stranger; given by Edward & Lynda Potts.

Li, Wing Chui

Moonbeams, Dumplings & Dragon Boats; given by Edmund & Rita Roberts.

McConnell, Ida

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Claud London.

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Jack & Ann Miller.

The Joy of Beading; given by Shirley Sharp, Deborah, Linda & Dennis.

Nowlin, Lance

Short Straw; King of Lies; Echo Park; and Innocent Man; given by Teledyne

Accounting Dept.

Osborn, Freddie

Everyday Life of the Vikings; given by Terry & Melba Ewing.

Petty, Ken

Considerable Passions: Golf, the Masters, the Legacy of Bobby Jones; given by

MCHS Class of 1962.

Rutledge, John & Lillian

The Coming Economic Collapse; given by Justin and Pamela Rutledge.

Strasser, John

Cows; and Milk; given by Marshall County Farm Service Agency Staff and

County Committee.

Strasser, Sue

No Excuses; given by Beverly, Thomas & Davis George.

The Well-Tended Perennial Garden; given by Marvin Maupin, Dan & Teresa

Spence, and Ralph & Peggy Allen.

What Labs Teach Us; given by Sister.

Stratton, Donna

Tucker's Four-Carrot School Day; and Work Family and Faith; given by MCHS

Class of 1962.

Ware, LaVergne

Lies at the Altar; given by Laurie & Mark Wunderlin.

Webb, Rhonda

Donation to the Book Fund; given by Odie and David.

Wilson, Mike

Friends; given by Kevin Sanders.


Donations of Hardback Books, Paperback Books, Videos, and Books on Tape were made to the Library by the following:

John Bachman, Dawn Barron, Melvis Burrow, Tom and Pat Cathey, Thomas Cathey, Joyce Clifton, Mary Ruth Connelly, Carl Cooper, Kimmie Cozart, Connie Edde, Donna Elliott, Charlene Flynt, Donna Gilbert, Jeannine Gillette, Juan Gonzalez, June Gowens, Thelma Hartley, Bonnie Howard, Lamon Kedhey, Barbara Kennedy, Dorris William & Belinda Landtroop, Beth Leftwich, Heather LeMay, Shannon Liggett, George Maginnis, Shelly Mason, Mayna Moses, Lynda Potts, Jeannine Schlagenhaft, Staggs Children, Randall Steagall, Jimmy Thomas, and Neely Tracy.

Tracie Landtroop generously donated office supplies.

Thank you for all the monetary donations that were made anonymously.