Marshall County Deer Hunters Feed the Hungry

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Deer Hunters now have the opportunity to donate deer to the needy without it costing them money.

Monetary donations made to Marshall County Hunters for the hungry will go towards the processing fee of the deer.

The Hunters for the Hungry program has been around for several years, but the hunter, more times than not, would have to also donate the processing fee. Most processors charge $50 to $75 to process a deer. Many hunters can't or won't pay that much to give the meat away.

Marshall County Hunters for the Hungry has set up a fund from local donations to cover the cost of the processing fee, which will be only $40 for a donated deer.

The deer herd in Tennessee is thriving and seems especially so in Marshall County. Deer hunters can legally harvest 3 does a day with appropriate licenses. Many hunters will only harvest a couple of does for themselves, family or friends and then try to hunt for the "Big" buck. The hunter runs out of places or people to accept a deer.

Now, the hunters can continue hunting and harvesting does with a place to donate the deer. The deer will be processed by a local processor and the meat will be distributed to area food banks for the hungry. It's a win-win situation. More does are harvested, the hunter doesn't have to be out any money, the processor gets paid for his time and labor, and the deer meat is distributed to hungry people.

Deer hunters in Marshall County are encouraged to be involved by donating deer or money to the program

Any donations can be made at the Bank of America in Lewisburg or by contacting Doug Lowery- 659-6786 or Kevin McGeehee at 270-8415.

Any deer donations can be brought to B & B Processing, run by John Barron, at 1850 Old Columbia Rd in Lewisburg. B & B Processing is the 1st drive on the right when you turn onto Old Columbia Rd off Lewisburg by-pass near the Marshall County High School. The phone is 359-3424.