Letter to the Editor

Ask the Hardball Questions

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Dear Editor:

When are the news media going to ask the President of the United States some real hardball questions?  Instead of throwing softballs at this President's rare news conferences, why doesn't the news media ask him why he encouraged and supported huge tax write-offs on gas-guzzling Hummers and SUVs -- all this at a time when crude oil prices were going through the roof and petroleum companies were making unprecedented windfall profits.

 They certainly should be asking the President -- and Congress --why they went along with a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan that actually prohibits Medicare from negotiating prices with drug manufacturers.    

Why doesn't the news media pound home the fact that all too many CEOs of large corporations are bilking stockholders of billions of dollars by extracting obscenely huge pay and compensation packages that are far out of line,

historically, with the services they provide -- especially for those who have driven their companies into the ground! 

 One simple question one might ask is "How can this President justify the enormous tax cuts for prosperous individuals and corporations while regularly running up unprecedented budget deficits?". 

Every year hundreds of thousands of jobs still are being moved offshore so that corporations can further escape taxes and find dirt-cheap labor. And the President has said that exporting of jobs is good for America. Has anyone thought of asking him why? 

And, why isn't the news media snapping at the heels of the President for tolerating no-bid contracts for the defense department?        

All this President seems to want to do is cut taxes. His hare-brained economic policies are even beginning to tax the credulity of his true believers.


Paul G. Jaehnert,

Vadnais Hts., MN