Dedicated to finding a home

Friday, September 29, 2006

" Up - Reach, reaching up to God, In - Reach, reaching out to each other, and Out - Reach, reaching out to the community."

Their chosen objective and their persistence in finding a permanent home evidence the dedication and perseverance at Mooresville Baptist Church.

Their first service was held Sept. 25, 2005, at what was once Bear Creek Presbyterian Church, which was filled with people, even public officials.

This location was short lived because the renovations needed could not be done due to the historical significance of the building.

This did not deter Mooresville Baptist and Pastor Bob Rush. The local fire department in Mooresville was used for two months as a meeting place for its 46 members.

As if by a miracle, Bliss Foster owned an empty house at 1053 Bryant Cemetery Rd., Mooresville, and allowed them to use it. With hard work, and donations it was up and running in no time.

Shuff's Music in Franklin donated a piano, churches donated songbooks, member Tom Wiegnard built a pulpit, Betty Johnson donated items for the kitchen, and the list continues.

Since they had no baptismal, the members were baptized in a pool at Lewisburg's Recreation Center. Nothing could stop Mooresville Baptist from doing the work of God.

" We are a typical Southern Baptist church," said Pastor Rush," We have a warm and happy fellowship, and we have a fun time at worship."

Church members enjoy many activities on special occasions. Last October. an open house and "Harvest Potluck" was held. At Christmas, they sang carols, read scripture, and explained the meaning of various Christmas decorations. Members put their own unique ornament on the Christmas tree.

Members even set up a big television for the Super bowl, to be able to enjoy football and sermons.

Along with helping each other, Mooresville Baptist members reach out to others. At the request of soldier Randy Thompson, Mooresville Baptist gathered 400 - 500 lbs. of school supplies to send to Iraq.

Tides are also given to the Southern Baptist Corporated Program, which supports 11,000 missionaries worldwide and many schools.

"If there is a local need, whatever it is, we will try to help," said Rush.

In the last year Mooresville Baptist has grown to 75 members and has experienced sad and joyous firsts. In July, they experienced the first loss of a member, a great man, Gilbert Green.

Their first new baby girl, Rilee Noel, was born to Jeremy and Shannon Wentzel this month, and the first wedding was held, uniting Tiffany Sue Robeson and Joshua Andrew Cox.

With the growth of their church during the last year, Mooresville Baptist is now looking again for a permanent and larger home. As of now, there may be a possibility to buy a piece of land next to their current location and build their own church from scratch.

Sunday school is held at 9:30 am, Sunday, followed by worship at 10:30am, and there is an evening service at 6 p.m. Prayer meetings are held Wednesdays at 7:p.m., and Pastor Bob Rush may be reached at 931-359-3789.