Carpenters build and fix

Friday, October 20, 2006
Vice - President John Jackson and President Danny Chambers are glad to be helping the community through Carpenters for Christ.

By Kristina Grossheim

Staff Writer

Thanks to the caring and innovation of John Jackson and Danny Chambers, Marshall County now has its own chapter of Carpenters for Christ.

The Carpenters for Christ Program was founded in 1987 by Jim Sutherland and Dick Byers of Eastmont Baptist Church, Montgomery, Alabama.

Since its inception, Carpenters for Christ has grown to 250,000 members in various states, helping churches and families in need of building repairs, additions, technical advice, and other needs.

Originally, the program's goal was not just to" build churches, but to build the spiritual growth of men", making membership restricted to men.

" Our group is unusual," said Chambers," We are non- denominational, have male and female members, and ages ranging from 20 to 80."

Along with uniqueness, he Marshall County Carpenters started in July and already has 50 to 60 members, with more currently applying. They have completed roughly 100 projects on local home and churches.

The Carpenters' projects include painting, small repairs, additions, and anything that those in need cannot do for themselves physically or financially.

Chambers and Jackson also advise residents to prepare for winter now, such as caulking and wrapping pipes.

" We have helped a lot of senior citizens," said Chambers, There are small things they need done, such as programing their VCR or rotating their mattress."

Carpenters for Christ is a non - profit outreach ministry, which accepts donations when work is done for those that can afford it, but stress that work done is based on necessity.

" I had been on eight trips to places such as New York, and realized there is so much that needs to be done here," said Jackson.

The original goals of Carpenters were to build God's church to spread the gospel, and to build fellowship and achieve a greater spiritual relationship with God, which Marshall County members are following through with.

" This group is wonderful. God calls everyone to serve, and I feel God has asked me to do this," said Chambers.

The Carpenters will be working with the Lions Club on the Community Center in Petersburg, after a successful collaboration on the Senior Center.

Those interested in joining must meet one requirement, faith in Christ. Those in need do not have to be church members, but no work is done on rental properties.

Feel free to contact Carpenters for Christ at 359-5434, 359-8607, or P.O. Box 2541, Lewisburg, TN 37091.

Carpenters will be holding a fish fry at Rock Park, Nov. 11, 3-5 pm. Adults are $8, children are $3, and children three and under are free. A great way to eat good food and support a good local cause.