Drunk man wanders into woman's apartment

Friday, October 27, 2006

Barbara Murphy arrived home at Lewisburg Summit Apartments, only to have an intoxicated, unidentified man enter her apartment.

Murphy told police she was on the telephone, when a man dressed in dirty blue jeans, a dirty white t - shirt, with a long ponytail entered her apartment uninvited. The man smelled of alcohol and could hardly stand up.

When she asked the man what he was doing in her apartment, he was unresponsive, but began stumbling toward her. Murphy retreated to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, causing the man to curse and then leave the apartment.

Murphy states she has never seen the man before. A neighbored saw a man matching Murphy's description get into the passenger side of a blue Ford pickup and drive away.

Police found a vehicle matching the description, ran the registration, but are yet to apprehend the man who will face charges of aggravated burglary.