CMS boys will show class

Wednesday, December 6, 2006
2006-07 Cornersville Middle School Bulldogs

Anthony S. Puca

by Staff Writer

Cornersville Middle School Boys (2006-2007)

Head Coach:

Adrian Wilson (1st Year)

Assistant: Micah Landers

"All I ever knew was that I wanted to be a basketball coach," said first year Cornersville Middle School Bulldogs' Head Coach Adrian Wilson. Born in Blacksburg, Virginia, Coach Wilson and his family moved to Nashville where he attended Lipscomb Middle School and then went to Davidson Academy. Coach Wilson has always known basketball and has always played basketball, beginning at Lipscomb where he played under Don Mayer and learned the fundamentals of basketball. But it was his father, Paul Wilson who taught him the game that he teaches today. Paul Wilson coached basketball in middle school, high school, and college and once played for former Auburn Head basketball Coach Sonny Smith. "My dad taught me how to treat kids with character, how to develop their moral character, and to teach them life's lessons."

After graduating from high school, Wilson walked on at Lipscomb University, only to break his hand before the season ever started. After things did not work out at Lipscomp, Wilson transferred to Belmont University on a partial scholarship when they went to Division I. He called his time at Belmont very rewarding and he gracefully said he contributed some to the program by being a "defensive guy", a good passer, but not a scorer. "I was always the guy who covered the other team's best player", Wilson said. "I always tried to think my way around the court and outsmart my opponent."

He reminisced about a game where he had to play the center position because of a depleted roster against a 6'10" player and he used his brain to defend against him and caused his opponent to commit three personal fouls in the first few minutes of the game. "People say that I have that same intense nature about me like my father." Wilson smiled and said," They say I even look like him when I coach".

Outlook for the Season

Coach Wilson's expectations for the upcoming season are to win, but to teach his team how to win. "We can win without winning", said Wilson. "That may sound funny, but my intent is to get these kids ready for high school by teaching them to win without an arrogance and if we lose, show class.

"If I have to take a loss to make them better in the long run, I will. I will teach them correctly in middle school so they will be ready for the high school level."

Coach Wilson plays a man to man defense in middle school which is vary rare, but it teaches the players to play hard and as coach Wilson stated, "We will get after you." He also praised his team when he said, "We have average talent, but we have kids with heart who want to learn and get better."

Coach Wilson believes the team's strength lies in the point guard position with Josh Pope who Wilson says, "Has so much natural ability that can do so much for us, but just needs to learn how to play the game." He believes their only weakness is the knowledge of the game and developing their basketball skills.

"I love Cornersville", Wilson said, "I've had the best support from the faculty, the administration, and the parents. Because I am also the High School Head Coach, I will have some of these middle school boys for six years and I think the community sees the bigger picture on where the program is going."

There is no doubt that a new passion has developed in Cornersville for basketball and the cornerstone of that passion lies in the new head coach. Adrian Wilson will have the chance to live his lifelong dream of being a basketball coach in Bulldog Country and the future is bright because of his knowledge of the game and the desire he has to instill the same values and intensity onto his players that he learned from his mentors.