Sanders' dance through six decades

Friday, December 22, 2006
Phil and Jerre Sanders celebrated 60 years of marriage.

Enjoying the same hobbies and interests is an important element to a long-lasting marriage according to Lewisburg's Phil and Jerre Sanders, who have enjoyed dancing together for 60 years.

"We've danced all our lives, gone to dances, enjoy the same things and it's worked out well!" comments Phil who says the couple grew up during the Big Band era and danced the jitterbug as well as ballroom danced.

The couple, both of whom are 82, celebrated their Diamond Anniversary on December 6th and have been active in the community for just as long.

The only image captured of the Sanders' December 1946 wedding was this one of them leaving First United Methodist church.

After the couple graduated from Marshall County High School in 1942, Mrs. Sanders attended Whitworth College for two years and then returned to Lewisburg to teach dance for several years. This was followed by a 28-year career as a Physical Education teacher, the majority of which spent at Lewisburg Middle School until her retirement in 1985.

Mr. Sanders attended Tennessee Tech for one year and then left to serve in the Navy for three and one-half years during World War II. Upon returning from the Navy he told his father he'd work in his lumberyard until the fall.

"I wound up staying until I retired last year and closed it up," he says about the family business Home Supply Company on West Commerce Street.

The active pair have been lifelong members of First United Methodist Church and were married in the church. Unfortunately they only have one wedding photo of them leaving the church arm in arm, as the photographer's camera broke that day.

"It's the only one we've got and I'm grateful for it," commented Jerre.

The Sanders have two children David and Judy, and three grandchildren, all of whom they enjoy spending their free time with. Phil has not completely retired, as he is currently in his eighth year as City Councilman for the 4th Ward.

The couple grew up together and she was a cheerleader for four years in high school while he played football.

"We've always seemed to be together…still are," remarked Jerre while looking over at her husband.