WES classes send cards to Sgt. Downs

Friday, December 22, 2006
Sgt. Kevin Downs received close to 400 cards from WES students to celebrate his November birthday.

Marshall County School System

Westhills Elementary School guidance counselor Mae Rambo and her classes made the November birthday of an injured soldier a little brighter. The boys and girls sent close to 400 birthday cards to Sgt. Kevin Downs, a U.S. soldier wounded in Iraq on April 13, 2005.

You may remember the story of Sgt. Downs. He lost both legs during an attack, and now he is suffering a new infection in his left upper arm, with the possibility of losing the arm. And he faces more surgeries due to the extent of his burns.

According to reports he is in tremendous pain and is discouraged and depressed. "He needs cards and prayers." So if you would like to send a card or even a care package to let him know he has not been forgotten, the address is: Sgt. Kevin Downs, Brooke Army Medical Center, Bldg. 3600, Room 430 West, 3851 Roger Brook Dr., Ft. Sam Houston, TX 78234-6200.

The WES card-sending project is only one of the many projects presented by Mrs. Rambo's class. "I teach a lot of lessons in guidance about caring, empathy, loving, importance of greeting cards, and caring for others," the counselor stated. "And we felt it was important to let Sgt. Downs know that we appreciate him and every soldier who has sacrificed for this great country."