Cornersville FCCLA helps out at Ronald McDonald House

Wednesday, January 3, 2007
Pile of Goodies

The Cornersville High School FCCLA and Student Council teamed up for another successful supply drive for the Ronald McDonald House. The middle and high school students were encouraged to donate money or supplies from the RMH wish list. This year, the theme was Lights, Camera, Take Action! Mrs. Laura Ledford spoke for assemblies about her experience with the RMH when her son, Luke, was in the neonatal unit at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. This motivating speech encouraged the students of CHS to take action. Donna Smith of Lasting Treasures Photography, donated her time taking Friendship Photos, where students made a donation to the RMH for a photo. The Student Council hosted a dance to raise money for the RMH. Finally, students we-re treated to a movie for a $5 donation in cash or in supplies. Together, the students raised $1400 in cash, and over $1200 in supplies for a total of over $2600 in supplies and funds. The FCCLA and Student Council would like to thank all of the faculty, staff and students of CHS for their dedication to Ronald McDonald House.

Students from the FCCLA, Student Council and six middle school representatives went to the Ronald McDonald House to make the presentation. The students unloaded all of the supplies including desserts and casseroles for the kitchen and the supply drive items, then assembled to meet Kay Slater, director of the RMH. Mrs. Slater talked with the students about the RMH and why groups like CHS help make life a little easier for the families who stay there. Mrs. Slater led a tour of the facility, then divided the students up to do a few chores. Students disinfected the toys in the playroom, dusted, vacuumed, put away desserts, cleaned the kit-chen, and picked up trash around the campus.

Next year marks the 15th year of supporting the Ronald McDonald House. For information on how you can help the Ronald McDonald House, visit for information about volunteering or making donations to the RMH.

These students separated the desserts brought so parents could grab them on the way to the hospital. L-R; Katie Rankin, Sarah Davis, Kristen Clifton, Thea Lackey, Caylah Roop and Beth McBee.
Members of the Cornersville High School Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America. Front Row: Brittany Taylor, Allison Johnson, Brittany Holt 2nd Row: Ashley Oberlander, Mary Jolley, Talia Dunivant, Ashley Lemay, Katie Rankin, Andrea Lewis, Rian Wright The rest: Wendy Ridley, Mareesa Tipper, Mallory Whitworth, Chelsea Tucker, Brianna Hooten, Erica Blackwell, Kristen Clifton, Lexy Franks, Jessica Corbin, Carter Underwood, Jackie Tremper, Adria White, Amanda McCord, Megan Short, Chrissy Worth, Sarah Glasscock, Amber Blalock, Beth McBee, Ashlyn Davis, Sarah Davis.
Members of the Cornersville High School Student Council. Kneeling: Jessica Dillard, Lori Beth Adams, Katie Beatty, Caylah Roop, Brittany Taylor and Katie Pigg. The Rest: Wendy Ridley Lindsey Spivey, John Brewer, Jenifer Machuta, Jacob Crowell, Sarah Smartt, Ashley Rybinski, Allison Johnson, Thea Lackey, Russ Legried, Mary Reusch, Julie Vandel, Andrea Lewis, Tiffany Fralix, Ashley Sanders, David Tashlin and Katie Rankin.
Six Middle School students were picked randomly to attend the trip to RMH. L to R: Mike Lovett, Mark Mitchell, Kane Pigg, Katie Wortham, Catie Gentry, and Sarah Thompson.