Revival church to bring spirit filled ministry to Lewisburg

Friday, January 12, 2007
Pastor Max Easley and his wife Mia welcome all to the new Revival Church of Lewisburg.

Revival Church of Lewis-burg will be holding its first service, Sunday, Jan. 14, at 2.p.m.,promising to hold a unique service in a non-denominational setting with Pastor Max Easley.

Easley freely talks about the first 24 years of his life, when God was not a priority in his lifestyle. Easley began abusing drugs at the early age of 13, leaving his home in Columbia, Tennessee at age 16.

"I became addicted to drugs and alcohol," said Easley. "I went to almost every border state, skipping around to college towns to party and go to raves."

This downward spiral ended abruptly when Easley attended a "spirit-filled Christian church in Denton, Texas" in April of 2000.

Easley received a powerful touch from God, and ran to the restroom, afraid of other people seeing him in such an emotional state. Little did Easley know, the church knew his problems, saw him touched by God, and was praying for him while he was in the restroom. Church members had to lift Easley from the floor, as he was "awakened".

"The darkness had left, I saw everything brighter," said Easley. "I have never been the same and found purpose in my life."

Amazingly, Easley never touched another drug after his spiritual day at the Denton, Texas Church. Easley discovered his purpose was to spread the Holy Spirit, which he was enabled to pursue through the training of Pastor John Stout at Friendship Church in Denton, Texas.

Now, six years after being saved, with the help of his wife, Mia, Easley is ready to touch the people of Marshall and surrounding counties with God's spirit.

The couple met at a miracle crusade. Mia assisted with Benny Hinn Minsitries for five years, and helped Pastors with the ministry plant a church.

Max has spoken at youth and evangelistic meetings, giving the couple a strong background in Christian work.

While the main mission of Revival Church is to fill people's hearts with the spirit of God to help them find their destiny and purpose, there is even more the Easleys plan to provide to help accomplish this goal.

The Easleys are interested in starting a men's Bible study, a food bank, and outreaches for local youth, such as a special back to school program.

The Lewisburg area was brought to the Easley's attention through a specific call to help the area. "We came here to uproot religion and restore relationships with God," said Pastor Easley. "I hope to help the lost and poor and touch them with God's spirit."

The Easleys do not want only attendance to Revival Church, but for those who come to have their heart filled or changed. "As Jesus said, don't be lukewarm, be wholehearted and worship," said Pastor Easley.

Revival Ministry is located at 451 Cornersville Rd., suite 200. The Easleys may be reached at or 931-359-2757. Services will be held Sundays at 10a.m. after Jan. 14.