Land Transfers

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Parcel on Coyle Rd., from Curtis Wright and William Wright Estate to Sharon Day.

Giles Rd., 2.5 acres, from Ramona Pender, Lennie Giles, and Alexander Pender to James, Sharon, Phillip, and Paula Calahan.

Overland Meadows Subdivision lot 18, from Gary Boyce Construction LLC to David and Konnie Taylor.

Harber Rd., 17.64 acres, from Eddie and Jerry Harber to Eddice Burns.

Village West Subdivision lot 34, from Brigitta Worsham and Robert Worsham Estate to Jimmy and Ruby Calahan.

Property on Ewing St., from Cheryl Hargrove to Anna Pifer.

Maplewood Subdivision lot 15, from James Sack to Mary and Richard Lovvorn.

Property on Collins Hollow Rd., Old Lake Rd. Easement, from William Sanders Estate to Randy and Pat Hinnrichs.

Parcel in District 1, from Thomas Harbor, Karla Harbor, and Karla Cochran to CSX Transportation Inc.

Kenneth Moore Addition lot 1, from Mary Beard to Kenneth Moore.

Wood Rd., 5.65 acres, from Wells Fargo Bank to William and Darlene Warner.

Glengary Subdivision, lot 111, from Lynn Stocstill and Betty Russell to Kevin Calahan.

Forrest Park Subdivision lot 20, from Jose Sepulveda to Michael and Anna Faulkenberry.