Growth plan still attracting attention

Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Pulaski-based attorney Andy Hoover, spoke to the Marshall County officials about the growth plan. He said he represents a citizens group.

Concerns about growth in Marshall County were heard Monday night by county commissioners, planning officials and residents among a crowd of about 80 people in the Courthouse Annex where various interpretations were expressed.

It's all about the state requirement for 20-year growth plans and, among other things, Lewisburg officials' desire to reopen the extensive process of growth planning under a state law enacted to force counties and their municipalities to deal with annexation conflicts.

Lewisburg Mayor Bob Phillips has said when the city's first 20-year plan was established seven years ago it was based on drainage basins and that left out some of the city's industrial park and the airport. Time passed, growth trends didn't develop as anticipated, so the city sought to reopen the process that requires participation by the county and all its municipalities.

Once the planning process was re-opened, various additional motives were seen as behind the process, including creation of areas where industry could develop, and at the same time some local businessmen were taking steps to create a rock quarry next to the quarry operated by the Rogers Group at Pottsville.

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