February is Black History Month

Friday, February 16, 2007

In honor of Black History month, the Marshall County Tribune will feature three back leaders from Marshall County. Today, we introduce you to Mr. William J. Mitchell, commonly known as "Willie J.", currently serving in his third term as a City Councilman for the City of Lewisburg.

As a World War II veteran, Mitchell returned to Lewisburg where he has been active in the community, church, and public affairs for 52 years. His entire life has been dedicated to the service of others. Jesus said, "Let him who is great among you become your servant." The following quote accurately describes this man loved by so many.

"He is many people rolled into one. Like a sculptor, he molds athlete's minds with daily experiences. Like an artist, he paints an image of a bright future.

Like a father, he nurtures and patiently guides one to make wise choices.

He is therapist, historian, counselor, politician, referee, lawyer and judge.

But most of all, he has touched the future of our youth."


Mitchell has been very active with the Middle Tennessee Athletic Association, an all black association for over 12 years. He was an official for the Tennessee Secondary Athletic Association for 40 years and officiated bowl games and playoffs while working with both athletic associations. Mitchell coached Babe Ruth baseball and used many practice days to discuss school success with the youth. While coaching young adult men and women he encouraged players to finish college or get a good job to support their families.

Mitchell, a 32nd Degree Mason, worked continuously to support the new Lewisburg City Administration building and recreation complex. He is an active member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. His son, William Robert Mitchell Jr., played college football at Grambling and professional football with the Washington Redskins. His daughter, Jerri Mitchell -- Henry, led her high school basketball team to a State Championship in 1972 and was awarded a full athletic basketball scholarship.