Letter to the Editor

Bill Ross was a good man

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Dear Jamie,

My name is April Cooper and I live in Plymouth Indiana. I received the devastating news yesterday that a dear friend of mine Bill Ross (we called him Billy) was murdered on Valentines Day near your city. I last saw Bill a few months ago when he and Kim had supper with a group of our friends following a church service in Knox where Bill and I were from. It was the first time we had met Kim. Little did I know that evening would be the last time I would hug my friend with anticipation of seeing him again.I grew up around Bill. He was just like a big Brother to me.

I was angry to hear that his wife Kim yelled to the media that Bill had raped and beat her but if you knew Bill, the way his friends knew him you would know that that is not the man he was.

I would like to take this moment to share about my friend of at least 16 years. Bill always seemed to have a smile on his face. He was never one to complain. He always had a humble way of expressing his hurt. I never saw Billy lose his temper and he was always willing to lend a hand no matter who, when, or where he was needed. He never knew a stranger. If you were sad and Bill didn't know how to help he would just simply hug you, pray for you, and tell you that he loved you. That was Bill. Bill and I didn't see each other as often as I would have like to but when we did get together I felt that there had been no time between us. We would pick up where we left off.

Kim will say a lot of things to defend her evil actions but anyone who knew Bill knows that he was not one to hurt others. I will miss him terribly and I am sad to know that he suffered such a horrific death and I pray that justice will be done in this case. On behalf of the people who Bill knew and loved and those who loved him in Knox Indiana and Plymouth Indiana I would like to express my deepest sympathy to his family, friends, and co-workers. "To know Bill was to know loyalty..and to know friendship". He will be sorely missed.


April Cooper

Plymouth, Indiana