Parkview Baptist Church celebrates 35 years of serving Christ

Friday, March 2, 2007
Photo by Kristina Grossheim All are welcome to celebrate with Parkview Baptist Church on their 35th Anniversary.

Parkview Baptist Church will celebrate their 35th anniversary, Sunday, March 4, in a unique way, by burning the note to the church mortgage.

Beginning at 11:00a.m. Parkview Baptist will have fellowship with former Pastor Bill Franks including the burning of the note and two Baptisms. Next will be dinner, a historical slide show, singing, and another fellowship, making their anniversary a full and special day of celebration.

"It's been a blessing and the people have really responded to it," said Pastor Winson Wagner.

Parkview Baptist Church began in January of 1972 when twelve Baptist men met for the purpose of prayer and to seek God's will about another Baptist work in Lewisburg. After much prayer, the men felt led to begin a new work, which was first named Faith Baptist Church.

From the beginning, Parkview Baptist has had Sunday School, church training, Women's Mission-ary Union, and a Baptist Men's unit.

The church quickly progressed; by March of 1972 it had 66 charter members and moved to a vacant church building on Water Street.

In 1972 Phillip Rosenbaum became the first full time Pastor, followed by the election of the first deacons, John Cathey, Eugene Martin, Tavner Whaley, Howard Leverette, and Thomas Sumners.

In June of 1973 the church was officially named Parkview Baptist Church, with enjoyable and successful days following because of new facilities added to the church.

During the late 1970s Parkview Baptist continued to expand with a larger parking lot and a bus ministry. Parkview Baptist also received commendation from the Tennessee Baptist Convention for ranking twenty-second with 72 Baptisms in the year 1977.

On Oct. 6, 1985 worship services were held from the rooftop because attendance was over 200, and with this increased attendance came the ability to pave their parking lot.

Along with new building and improvements, Park-view Baptist has had a proud line of Pastors and Deacons. Past Deacons include Gary Haskins, Jamie Bone, Charlie Graff, and Clifford Whitaker.

Currently, Pastor Winson Wagner continues the work of previous Pastors Rene Lehmann, Phillip Rosen-baum, Bob Johnson, Roy Neal Porter, James David Spray Jr., Mark Alan Duggin, Paul Lucas, and Bill Franks.