Be aware of mail scams

Friday, March 30, 2007

According to Marshall County Sheriff's reports, a Marshall County resident may have been victimized by mail fraud.

Lones Butler reported to the Sheriff's Office that he received a letter from Vintage Communications Inc. on March 19 stating that Butler was the winner of a drawing.

Also enclosed was a check for $3,800 and instructions to cash the check and then send a money gram for $2,985 to St. John's, Canada, which Butler followed.

The enclosed check was denied by the bank days later because it was not authentic, leaving Butler $2,985 in the hole instead of gaining $1,000 as the letter promised.

Butler said he received a similar check from EZONE Universal Gaming on March 22. The check was from Compass Bank in St. Paul, Minnesota, yet the letter was from Canada, according to Butler.

Butler has notified his bank and the Federal Bureau of Investigation about the possible mail scam.