Brooke Baird crowned Miss Chapel Hill

Wednesday, April 4, 2007
2007 Miss Chapel Hill Brooke Baird

The annual Chapel Hill Pageants were presented in the Forrest School Theater Saturday, Mach 31st and Sunday, April 1st. The weekend of competition kicked off Saturday afternoon at 2:00 with the Little Miss Chapel Hill and Little Mr. Chapel Hill pageants. With twenty-two contestants, the judges had a difficult job. Results are: 4th runner-up - Laiken Hollingsoworth, daughter of Randy & Robin Hollinsworth; 3rd runner-up - Hailey Alixzandra Lowe, daughter of Allen & Amy Lowe; 2nd runner-up Jordan Yelensky, daughter of Dave & Dawn Yelensky; 1st runner-up Grace Ann Butt, daughter of Stan and Georgia Butt; and the 2007 Little Miss Chapel Hill is Madison Elizabeth Curtis, daughter of Shannon & Lori Curtis. Nine boys participated in the Little Mr. Chapel Hill contest. Results are: 3rd runner-up - Colton Hunter, son of Gil & Debbie Hunter; 2nd runner-up - Billy Lee Clanton, son of Tim & Dianne Clanton; 1st runner-up - Brayden Gentry, son of Eric & Betsy Gentry; and the 2007 Little Mr. Chapel Hill is Dylan Paul Pendley, son of Paul & Sabrina Pendley. Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to everyone who participated.

The Junior Miss Chapel Hill pageant was held Sunday, April 1st at 2:00. Twenty-five young ladies participated with the following results: 4th runner-up - Scarlett Roberson, daughter of Pat & Rhonda Roberson; 3rd runner-up - Alyson Patton, daughter of Kristie Davis & Cory Patton; 2nd runner-up - Lacey Pratt, daughter of Alvin & Sheila Pratt; 1st runner-up - Ashlee Kritz, daughter of Erik & Charry Kritz; Miss Congeniality - Maegan Gower; and the 2007 Junior Miss Chapel Hill is Missy Minor, daughter of Mike & Shirley Minor. Congratulations!

The Miss Chapel Hill pageant was held Saturday, March 31st at 7:00. With a field of twenty-three beautiful ladies, the judges had a hard job narrowing the girls down to five finalists. The results are: 4th runner-up - Rebekah Roberson, daughter of Tommy & Debbie Roberson; 3rd runner-up - Stephanie Gaskill, daughter of Randy Gaskill & Debbie Hill; 2nd runner-up - Autumn Hill, daughter of Tim Hill & Lisa Porter; 1st runner-up - Megan Porter, daughter of Mark & Sheila Porter; Miss Congeniality - Trina McLain and Tiffany Anderson; and the 2007 Miss Chapel Hill title belongs to Brooke Baird, daughter of Richard & Saconda Baird. Congratulations.

See today's edition for complete photo coverage of the pageant winners.

Pictures by Donna Smith of Lasting Treasures Photography