Let the horses talk - 39th Trainers Show

Wednesday, April 4, 2007
Tom Sumners

The 39th Annual National Walking Horse Trainers' Show was held on March 21-24 at Calsonic Arena on the Historic Celebration grounds in Shelbyville, TN. The first two nights of the show were exceptionally good. There were 271 entries that made the gate call and there were some multi-winners. But on Friday and Saturday, some difficulty arose as the USDA made their presence known. Dr. Chester Gipson, the person who is in charge of enforcing the Horse Protection Act was present on Thursday. From all reports, he seemed to be pleased with what he saw. On Friday night, he was back with his VMO's and marshalls. Usually, two to four government inspectors come to a show but there were up to fourteen present, according to various reports on the ground. The Trainers were overwhelmed with that number present. The Trainers' board met in special session with Dr. Gipson and some type of mediation was discussed. The show did proceed one hour later than normal. There were only 202 entries for the last two nights.

None of last years contendors were present for the championship stake on Saturday night. The winner of the seven-horse stake class was I'm Packin A Pistol and Jeff Hatcher. Joe Cotton and More of a Major were reserve and Generator's Champion, a former World Champion Amateur placed third with Joel Weaver in the irons.

Local winneres included: Model Park Pleasure Open -- (3) Willie Poison and Bill Beech; Two-Year-Old Mares/Geldings -- (1) Joe Up Jose and Justin Jenne; Park Pleasure Open Specialty -- (1) He's Pushin The Button and Bruce Hankins; Plantation Pleasure Lite Shoe Western Specialty -- (1) Williwalkin and Bruce Hankins for Sharon Higginbottam; Over 15.2 Open Specialty -- (1) Hydrostatic and Link Webb; Park Performance Four Years & Under -- (2) Knights Gambler and Bruce Hankins; Amateur Three Year Old Stallions -- (10) Patterns Puzzled and Donna Kay Gowan; Amateur Plantation Pleasure Lite Shod Four & Under Specialty -- (1) Williwalkin and Sharon Higginbottam O/E; Park Performance Open Specialty -- (8) Forever Spirit and Mike Civils; (10) Battles Top Gun and Bruce Hankins; Park Pleasure Two and Three Year Old -- (3) Image of Jazz and Mike Civils; WHTA Auxiliary, Members Specialty -- (3) Gen's Joyful Cash and Barbara Civils; Park Pleasure Western Specialty -- (1) Big N Rich N and Bruce Hankins; Weanlings -- (6) Praying for Ex Dividends and Mike Civils, (7) She's Really Pushy Really and Bill Beech; Amateur Weanlings -- (1) Pearl Gunn and Cathy Baker for Dr. Randy/Cathy Baker; (7) She's Really Pushy Really and Stratton Weaver; 15.2 & Under Stallions -- (1) Bust Me Loose and Link Webb; Three-Year-Old Classic -- (5) Dollars Code Orange and Link Webb; Four-Year-Old Stallions -- (1) Tony Montana and Link Webb.