Land Transfers

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hunters Chase Subdivision lot 8, from David Marven to Deborah Odell.

Horton Cove Subdivision lot 48, from Ted Mullins to William and Ashley Newman.

Property on US Hwy. 31A, from RWG Realty LLC and John Roberts to Station Partners LLC.

Three tracts of property in District 2, from Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Ameriquest Securities Inc. to Phillip and Connie Edde.

US Hwy. 31A, .34 acres, from First Volunteer Bank of Tennessee to April Murray.

US Hwy. 31A, 72.69 acres, from Howard and Sally Wall to Marshall County Tennessee.

Robert M. Burgess Addition lot 1, from John Curry and Jerry and Carol Murdock to Robert Burgess.

Glennwood Estates Subdivision lot 30, from Jeff Poarch to Butler Sparkman and Samantha Masi.

Marshall Heights Subdivision lot 1, from Elizabeth Justice, Thomas Harris, Tracy Kilpatrick, Thomas Harris, and Evelyn Harris to Rex Richardson.

New Ostella Rd., 10.11 acres, from Gloria Duke to Camuel Harmon.

Hearthstone Subdivision lot 9, from Clyde and Ilene Brainard to Caleb Hall and Jennifer Ashworth.

Cornerstone Subdivision lot 21, from Melissa Aman to Wayne and Cindy Sheperd.

Ashley Estates Subdivision lot 2, from Michael and Pamela Hartley to Richard Chester Sr. and Kimberly Abrigo.

Andrews & Cathey Subdivision lot 14, from Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Federal National Mortgage Association.

Property on Fifth Ave. North, from Countrywide Home Loans Inc. to Dharam Goyal.

Stoney Brook Subdivision lot 19, from Stoney Brook Enterprises LLC, David Jent, and Ross Tate to Robert Luna.

Stoney Brook Subdivision lots 12, 13, 14, 15, 17, 18, 20, 21, 22, 27, and 28 from Stoney Brook Enterprises LLC, David Jent, and Ross Tate to Robert Luna.

Oaks Addition lot 36, 37, 38, and 39, from Billy and Marvelle Holland to Jason Gilliam.

Tract on New Lake Rd., from Kevin and Nancy Mobley to David McGavock.

Spring Place Rd., 18.01 acres, from Stephen and Mark Shramo to David Robinson and James Rickman.

Old Belfast Rd., 3.11 acres, and Moonlight Hill Subdivision lot 39, from Robert and Mildred Peters to Mildred Jacqueline Peters Living Trust.

John Allen Rd., 8.29 acres, from Elwood and Karen Phillips to Robert Horn.

Rolling Hills Subdivision lot 5, from Mark and Carol Grant to Paul Wilson.

Delina Cornersville Rd., 44.29 acres, from Cecil and June Fuller to C.E. and Joyce Niles.