City of Lewisburg encourages citizens to follow the rules this summer

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The weather is warming and the grass is growing in Lewisburg and that means mowing lawns and yard sales.

The City of Lewisburg and Codes Enforcement Officer Greg Lowe encourages all property owners this summer to abide by the rules regulations to help keep the people of Lewisburg safe and the City looking clean and neat.

The City of Lewisburg recognizes and respects the tradition of Yard Sales and Garage Sales in the community and encourages the fellowship such sales provide its citizens along with the necessary economic impact of such sales on the sellers and the buyers of personal merchandise. However, the City of Lewisburg has implemented a set of rules and regulations to govern Yard Sales, Garage Sales, Flea Market, etc. to insure the public safety and welfare.

Anyone wishing to hold a Yard Sale, Garage Sale, etc. must first receive a permit from the City of Lewisburg at least three days prior to the sale event. Such sales are permitted between the hours of 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. for no more than three consecutive days, and only four Yard Sales, Garage Sales, etc. are permitted at a specific residence per calendar year. All property to be sold during such sales must be properly and neatly displayed on the premises only and can be displayed 24 hours prior to the sale event with the remaining items left after the sale displayed for no more than 24 hours following the sale event.

Signs used to advertise Yard Sales, Garage Sales, etc. are also subject to certain guidelines set forth by the City of Lewisburg. Two signs of no more than four square feet are permitted to be displayed on the property on which the sale event is being held. Two directional signs of no more than two square feet that provide directions the sale event are permitted only if the signs are not placed on a major thoroughfare and that written permission from property owners on which the signs will be placed is obtained. Never place a Yard Sale or like sign on a utility pole, street sign or any public right-of-way such as an alley or sidewalk as this is a violation of state law as well as the City of Lewisburg. Signs are to be removed at the close of each day of the sale event and are permitted only two days prior to the sale event for advertising purposes. For more information or questions concerning Yard Sales, please feel free to contact the City of Lewisburg, Codes Enforcement Office at the Lewisburg City Hall, 131 E. Church Street, 359-1544.

The mowing of grass is an annual event across the nation when the weather turns warmer and grass, weeds, bushes and shrubs begin to grow. For some, this time of year is a fun time to get outside and enjoy working in one's lawn or garden; but for others, the mowing of grass and the maintenance of one's property is a chore. However, the City of Lewisburg has rules and regulations in place that mandates all property owners within the city limits take the steps necessary to keep their properties properly manicured. The Codes Enforcement Office of the City of Lewisburg under the direction of Greg Lowe is charged with insuring that all property owners keep their lawns mowed and manicured so that each property within the city limits of Lewisburg is a pleasant site to see for residents and visitors to Lewisburg. The cooperation of all property owners in the keeping up of properties in Lewisburg is greatly appreciated by fellow citizens, the City of Lewisburg and its Codes Enforcement Office.

For more information or questions concerning proper property maintenance, contact Greg Lowe, Codes Enforcement Officer for the City of Lewisburg, 359-1544.