Vote as if your life depended on results

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Voters in Lewisburg will elect a new member of their city council in May 1 balloting that's already started, and again we've heard that voter turnout could be low.

That's too bad since a couple of weeks ago many patriotic Americans in this town came from their homes and businesses when Staff Sgt. Marc Golczynski's funeral procession passed by. Golczynski grew up here, joined the Marines here and his funeral was here as a result of small gun fire on the mean streets of Fallujah.

Perhaps those who've already voted, can ask friends and neighbors if they've voted.

Regardless of your position on the war in Iraq, if you want to honor the men and women who wear our military's uniforms, then you should vote in the city election.

You've probably heard the lamentation: There they are, fighting so people in another country can have the right to vote and here we are not exercising that freedom ourselves.

And pardon our use of what might appear to be a trite cliché here, but don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don't disregard your small city's election, thinking that it's more important to vote in presidential races. Your vote in a city election is greater part of that decision compared to your vote in a national election, so exercise your right and responsibility.

Surely, you've heard the other phrase: If you don't vote, then you can't complain.

City governments make decisions that affect our lives more directly than any other level of government. The people on city councils make decisions on things as simple as when and how garbage is collected. Public sanitation is a health issue, and therefore affects more people than just the city's population.

Councils can also decide how fast you can drive on a street. They can direct entire departments to enforce laws more stringently in certain areas.

And city councils can make sure that city parks are clean and safe for child's play.

Marc Golczynski perished under circumstances far from child's play.

Go vote like your life depended on it.

Early voting in the Lewisburg City Council election ends on the evening of April 26.

It's being conducted at the Marshall County Election Commission Office at 230 College St.

Election day is Tuesday, May 1, when Ward 1 voters cast ballots at the Lewisburg Gas Department, and Ward 5 voters do so at Westhills Elementary School.