CKNA blaze is contained

Friday, April 20, 2007
Photo by Kristina Grossheim Smoke rises from the CSNA plant in the Marshall County Industrial Park where a boiler broke and oil caught fire.

A fire erupted from the boiler room at CalsonicKansei of North America this morning in the Industrial Park of Lewisburg.

According to Lewisburg Fire Chief Larry Williams, the Lewisburg Fire Department received a call at 10:10 a.m. on Thursday, April 19, 2007 of a fire at CKNA of Lewisburg. The fire department of Lewisburg arrived to find a fire in the boiler room of the plant where three to four units were housed. The units heat oil up to 500-517 degrees. One of the units had a leak and flashed over creating the fire.

The fire was quickly contained in the boiler room that suffered fire, water and smoke damage. A sprinkler system was installed and operational at the time of the fire.

"Our main concern when we began to attack the fire was the possibility of explosion," said Fire Chief Larry Williams. "An oil vat kept feeding the fire and we had to work our way in to shut it off and contain the fire."

A temporary employee of CKNA was treated for minor injuries and released. No other injuries were reported.

CalsonicKansei of North America manufactures plastic automotive parts. It is one of the main industrial operations in the City of Lewisburg and employs approximately 900 people.

Assisting the Lewisburg Fire Department in battling the fire were the Volunteer Fire Departments from Mooresville, Belfast, Farmington-Rich Creek, the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency, the Marshall County Volunteer Haz-Mat Unit, the Marshall County Emergency Medical Service and the Marshall County Chapter of the American Red Cross.