Volunteers Girls State - An American Legion Auxiliary program

Friday, April 20, 2007

Girls State is a practical application of Americanism and good citizenship. The program is a non-partisan, non-political attempt to teach and instill in the young women of this state a love of God and country. Girls State is a week-long strenuous program that requires a citizen to be energetic, in good health, have a positive attitude, be able to adjust to unfamiliar situations and be willing to accept the challenges of new experiences.

The program is structured with the following objectives in mind; to afford high school girls an opportunity to live together as self-governing citizens; to teach the duties, rights, privileges and responsibilities of American citizenship so that they may understand and participate in the functioning of the government; to help recognize the importance of fulfilling their role as American women who have the capability to influence the course of society.

Volunteer Girls State 2007 will be held at Middle Tennessee State University, May 27-June 2.

The delegate from Cornersville High School is Sara Barnett sponsored by Cornersville Lions Club. Margaret Bishop and Bethany Gamble are delegates from Forrest High School sponsored by Chapel Hill Lions Club. Kristein Mason from Marshall County High School is sponsored by Lewisburg Lions Club. Lauren Anderson from Marshall County High School is sponsored by the local American Legion Auxiliary Unit 39.

The auxiliary wishes to thank the county's Lions Clubs for sponsoring these young women.