Thomas presents program at D.A.R. meeting

Friday, April 20, 2007
Morgan Thomas

The Robert Lewis Chapter of the DAR met April 12 at Village Manor for lunch and a meeting. The program was provided by Morgan Thomas, 1996 graduate of MTSU and now is Marshall County's Environmental Coordinator, and Terri Douglas, who is currently working in Marshall County assisting with the Cedar Ridge Landfill expansion efforts. Ms. Douglas is a native Floridian who for the past six years managed all government affairs and municipal contract's for Southwest Florida.

Here are some of the facts:

What is WMasking?

WM is seeking approval to expand an interior area which is 11 acres. The new area is within the existing property line of the landfill. The new area is between two sections that are already permitted

What is this going to cost me?

Currently the cost is $0 for Marshall County residents. If the landfill closes, the county predicts the cost per resident could be $128 per year minimum. Local businesses will have to pay more for transportation and disposal (at least double). Local businesses will pass on these costs to local residents

WM keeps the market competitive.

Residents in the City of Lewisburg will pay more.

Convenience centers:

Centers are available to residents at no cost. Over 350,000 garbage drop off's were made at the convenience centers in 2006

Drinking water results:

Marshall County wanted to make sure the drinking water was safe near the landfill. Residential drinking water wells and springs were tested. The results of the testing are consistent with wells throughout Marshall County. There is no health risk to these wells related to Cedar Ridge Landfill

Waste Management provides quality jobs?

WM employs 45 people at the Cedar Ridge facility. Total average annual wage is more than $55,000. Twenty-three employees and families live in Marshall County. Marshall County average annual income is $20,473 per capita.

How much money does WM generate for Marshall County?

In 2006, paid to Marshall County was $46,573 in Property Taxes, and $235,000 in Host Fees. Free Disposal for residents was a $125,000 value

Convenience Center Operation had more than 350,000 drop offs made at the convenience centers in 2006, a $350,000 value (equipment, hauling, maintenance and labor)

Total Cedar Ridge Economic Impact: $756,574

The high school art contest will be judged next month.

The 102nd State Conference will be held in Chattanooga, May 4-6.

The 116th Continental Congress will be held in Washington, D. C., June 27-July 1.

Hostesses were Margaret Jordan and Jayne Woods.