Letter to the Editor

Open Letter to the editor

Friday, April 20, 2007

A moment in time, forever frozen and framed by an eight-year-old boy, Christian Golczynski, who has been transformed into a man suddenly before his time by a tragic event.

My heart ached and a tear fell as I looked at his picture in a recent newspaper as he accepted the sacred American flag that had draped his marine father's casket.

Much as been made out the fact that this man died in the service to his country. Much of what has been said has been exploitive of the view that the war in Iraq should never have been fought, much less continued.

How do we know that the family of Marc Golczyski would have felt the same way toward this war as most of the writers to the media feel?

To us this moment in time as a vehicle to convey opposition to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan does a disservice to the memories of Marc Golczynski and everyone who has made the supreme sacrifice or has been wounded.

How can anyone who has written to the media to exploit the sacrifices of these men and women dare to juxtapose their views with actions of the battlefield by our soldier's?

War isnt sterile. I would rather die on my feet than surrender on my knees.

The Jihadists who have declared war on America and its allies have two objectives: convert us or kill us. That is it, there is no third choice. By conversion, they mean to convert us to Islam and subject us to Sharia Law. Do we understand the meaning of this? Total submission to their beliefs and way of life is their goal. Yet there are those among us who would be content to die on their knees. Were this to happen, everyone of America's war dead and wounded would have sacrificed in vain. America, as we know it, and as our forefathers have known it for 230 years will cease to be, and die on our knees we will as these barbarians behead or slit our throats.

Let us thank almighty God for men like Marc Golczynski and their families, and let us thank God for men and women everywhere who are embodied and personified by Christian Golczynski, for they represent the true ideals, spirit and future of America, the greatest nation ever ordained by the Almighty.

May God bless the memory of Marc Golczynski for his sacrifice and may He bless the Golczynski family in their time of pain and sorrow; for their sacrifice. Their sacrifice represents those made in all conflicts that this nation has wages. Most of all, may God bless America.

Steve Moore

Cookeville, TN