Land Transfers

Friday, April 20, 2007

Property on Haislip Hollow Road, from Karen Smith, F.W. Smith Jr., and Rocky Hammock Ranch & Cattle Company to Wiggins Properties LLC.

Winns Crossing Road, 15 acres, from Federal Home Loan and National Default Reo Services to Ron Lampley Construction.

River Road, 30.03 acres, from Thomas and Angela Gentry and Angela Gaskill to James Delmonico.

John Barnes Road, 17.10 acres, from Donald and Christy Cole to James Cozart Jr.

Highway 373, 41.26 acres, from Mary Carr Living Trust and Sidney and Anne Wilson to Rising Son Properties LLC.

Lynnville Highway, 5.52 acres, from Christopher Boatright to Courtney Boatright.

Property on Nashville Highway, from Betty Prince to Duane Priske.

US Highway 431 -- Adams Road, 2.59 acres, from Steve and Kmberly Honnell to Joseph and Connie French.

Glennwood Estates Subdivision lot 45, from Jeff Poarch to David Robinson.

Hardison Road, 10.57 acres, from Ida Carlough to Ida and Christopher Carlough.

Property on Lawrence Avenue, from Amy Fagan to Brian Stout.

Buchanan Addition Revision of Lots 12-14, lot 13, from Ross and Sandy Tate to Johnny and Kay Perryman.

Fairview Subdivision lot 35, from Geraldine Estes Estate, Regions Bank Guardian, Charles Estes, and Lyda Dunnivant to Rex Richardson.

Plan of Azalee Acres lot 27, from Isaac and Kimberly Zimmerle to Frank and Rebecca Joyce Jr.

EE Harbor Subdivision lot 4, from Japheth and Vincent Jackson to Clayton Pipkin.

Property on Highway 31A, from Sherry Webb and Nadean Barrom Estate to Stephen Griffis.

Property on Fifth Avenue, from Carter and Patricia Hill to Edward and Bettye Clark.

Glennwood Estates Subdivision lot 36, from David Robinson to Kerry and Tammy Walker.

Reese Road, 6.056 acres, from Betty Cole to John Doherty and Chris Feagin.