Jury delivers split verdict in domestic case

Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Photo by Clint Confehr Defendant Willie Watson, center, consults with his attorney, Ray Fraley, right, and the lawyer's investigator, Kevin Keele.

A Marshall County jury deliberated the fate of a Bear Creek Road man for several hours Friday night with a final vote at about 1:30 a.m. Saturday, officials said.

William Allen (Willie) Watson, 25, faced charges in three cases that were combined. They started with a domestic matter. The situation escalated when a warrant was to be served and Watson fled.

After a two-day trial, the jury concluded lesser assault charges were more appropriate than aggravated assault. Watson was also found guilty of reckless endangerment, but not guilty of carrying a weapon for the purpose of going armed. There were other charges with various results, including a vandalism charge to which Watson pleaded guilty. He kicked out a patrol car window, statements in court revealed.

Watson is to be sentenced by Judge Robert Crigler on May 23.

Assistant District Attorney Eddie Barnard prosecuted Watson whose lawyer is Ray Fraley. Kevin W. Keele is an investigator and consultant with Fraley & Hill Attorneys at Law in Fayetteville.