Attempted homicide case bound over to grand jury

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Marshall County grand jurors will probably be considering an attempted homicide case next Wednesday.

After a hearing on probable cause Tuesday, Judge Steve Bowden bound the case over to the grand jury and set bond at $250,000.

Horatio Lewis Rice, 25, 1044 Cornersville Road, was arrested by Lewisburg Police on Feb. 22 for allegedly shooting Frankie M. Brown, 42, 535 2nd Ave., on Feb. 15.

Assistant Public Defender Michael Collins Rice represented Rice during the preliminary hearing.

Brown was found unconscious, bleeding, and taking shallow labored breaths when the police arrived at the scene near the dead end of Woodlawn Avenue, according to a court record.

Police reports say Sgt. Matt Owens unzipped Brown's jacket and discovered a large amount of blood soaked through her layered clothing. A bullet wound to her chest was evident. While checking for another wound, a clear cellophane bag containing an off-white rock like substance believed to be crack cocaine was found in her right hand, according to police.

Brown was transported by the Marshall County Ambulance Service to Marshall Medical Center where she was transported by helicopter ambulance to Vanderbilt Medical Center.

According to the arrest warrant against Rice, Brown said she was outside of a house trailer where she encountered an individual she knew as "Ray," Horatio Rice.

After a short encounter with Rice, Brown is quoted as saying that as she started to walk away she was shot and suffered life-threatening injuries. The arrest warrant also said Brown was able to identify Rice in her statement and in a photo lineup.