Campaign spending reflecting win, loss?

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Three of eight candidates who sought two seats on the Lewisburg City Council filed financial disclosure statements to report campaign receipts and spending greater than $1,000 in the election that ended yesterday.

The three candidates who spent more than $1,000 on their campaigns were Quinn Brandon, Beth Leftwich and Robin Minor. Brandon challenged Councilman Willie Mitchell in Ward 1. In Ward 5, Leftwich and Minor faced Robert "Pepper" Biggers, Joe Bradford, Roy Rowe and Roy White to succeed Roy Wayne Bailey who died in office.

Brandon's disclosure statement shows she received $3,810.40 in contributions and had spent $3,273.70 by the time she filed her statement on April 24.

Leftwich reported receiving $2,160 and spending $2,14.33 by April 23.

Minor's report revealed a negative balance of $1,004.04 after having spent $1,264.04 and receiving contributions of $260.

The other five candidates running for ward seats on the council signed documents declaring they didn't anticipate spending up to $1,000 on their campaigns.

Campaign financial disclosure statements are to be filed twice; once before election day and then several weeks later.

Contributors for Brandon were listed as: Preston Blackmon, $400, Don Hamilton, $200, Tommy Burns, $250, Roger Brandon, $250, Ty and Marion Delle Gordon, $200.

Leftwich's contributors were listed as: Guy Chambers, $120, Al Henderson, $115, Tommy Hawkins, $130, Roger Giles, $130, Joe Tant, $130.

There was no list of contributors in Minor's report indicating she'd spent her own money.

Brandon reported loaning her campaign $1,038.08 with repayment of $438.08 and an outstanding loan of $600.

Contributions aren't always money. So-called in-kind donations are accepted and must be listed. Typically, it's for a campaign worker's gasoline or some other service provided at no cost to the campaign, but something that has value.

Leftwich reported she received in-kind contributions valued at a total of nearly $1,745 from Brent McLay, Bo Casey, Dick Horton and Todd Havron for golf matches and tournament favors.