Indictments issued in alleged murder, attempted vehicular homicide cases

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Marshall and Bedford counties' grand juries issued indictments last week including three suspects in the Valentine's Day murder of a car salesman and, separately, a woman accused in a hit and run crash that left a man wit a broken hip.

All three suspects in the Feb. 14 shooting death of Shelbyville car salesman Bill Ross, 40, have ties to Lewisburg. They are: his widow, Kimberly Ann Ross, 37; Ashley Mai Cook, 23, and; Justin Paul Young, 19. They are indicted on charges of first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

"We concur with the findings of the grand jury and the general sessions judge that there is probable cause that each had a distinctive role to play in the planning and the actual murder of Mr. Ross," District Attorney Chuck Crawford said of the Bedford County indictments issued on April 23.

The district attorney deferred a statement on whether the death penalty would be sought for Ross' murder. Ross was shot three times in bed and died at Bedford County Medical Center waiting for a helicopter ambulance.

The indictments of his widow, Young and Cook were among 28 cases presented to the Bedford County Grand Jury last week when, according to Crawford, all cases were reported out with true bills, meaning the defendants are bound for trial in circuit court.

Judge Robert Crigler presided over the arraignment of the defendants indicted in Shelbyville and those indicted a week ago today in Lewisburg.

Those indictments include an alleged hit and run incident in October that led to charges including attempted vehicular homicide.

Sandi Michelle Scarfone, 28, 2333 Mooresville Highway, was indicted on that charge and charges of failure to report an accident and leaving the scene of an accident involving personal injury in connection with the injuries suffered by Jonathan Dugas of Pinewood Place Apartments.

Dugas was riding a bicycle on Old Belfast Road. Scarfone was driving a 2002 Ford truck.

Dugas' injuries included a broken pelvis, head injuries, torn ligaments, and gashes on his legs. He was found 50 feet from the point of impact, face down in a ditch, said police reports.

When the Lewisburg Police Department initially questioned Scarfone, she said she "didn't think he went under my truck" and she did not think she hit someone, according to police reports.

In other cases, the following people were indicted on the charges as indicated by records released by the Marshall County Circuit Court Clerk's office.

Laquesha Nicole Cross, 22, 802 2nd Ave., vandalism under $500 and theft over $1,000.

Cross allegedly broke a cedar chest owned by Charlie Williams without his consent, and took $4,000 that was stored in the chest, said the arrest warrant.

Paul Keel, 42, Northgate Arms Apartments, forgery, two counts of sale and delivery of illegal drugs, sale of a similar drug, theft of property valued at less than $500, and theft of property valued at more than $1,000.

Keel allegedly sold 20 methadone pills to a confidential informant working for the Marshall County Sheriff's Office, said Bart Fagan when the warrant was sworn.

Casey L. Myles, 34, 200 Tiger Blvd., resisting arrest and possession of an illegal drug.

Myles allegedly fled on foot when officers attempted to arrest him on outstanding warrants for the sale of crack, according to court records.

Bobby Joe Rollins, 59, 1725 Darnel Mealer Road, aggravated robbery.

Rollins allegedly robbed the Discount Tobacco Outlet at 1127 Nashville Highway, the arrest warrant states.

Meanwhile, a Bedford County case that's attracted widespread attention has resulted in indictments against James Michael Beddingfield, 30, of Christiana. He was arrested on three arson charges and charges of setting fire to personal property in connection with farm fires between Unionville and Deason in the pre-dawn hours of Oct. 26. He was indicted on April 23.

Beddingfield was also charged in nine cases of alleged burglary and theft of all-terrain vehicles.

Indictment does not mean the defendant is guilty. That's determined by a trial jury or if the defendant pleads guilty.