Lewisburg Proclaims May 7

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The City of Lewisburg joins Veterans of Foreign Wars (V.F.W) Posts around the nation in honoring those who served and who sacrificed during the Vietnam War by proclaiming May 7, 2007 as Vietnam Veterans Day.

The last Americans left Vietnam from the rooftop of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam on April 30, 1975 followed by the signing of a bill into law by President Gerald Ford on May 7, 1975 officially ending the Vietnam era.

It took a decade of hurt feelings and unrest over the war to subside enough so that recognition and tribute could begin to be paid to those men and women who served and who sacrificed, along with their families, during the Vietnam War.

The week of April 30 -- May 7 has been designated as Vietnam Veterans Recognition Week and is celebrated by V.F.W. Posts nationwide. The V.F.W. Posts across the nation held their 30th celebration of the ending of the Vietnam War in 2005 but the honor and tribute to those Vietnam Veterans locally and around the world continues with the upcoming Vietnam Veterans Recognition Week.

Lewisburg Mayor Bob Phillips and the City of Lewisburg are paying tribute to the men and women of Lewisburg and Marshall County who served and sacrificed during the Vietnam War by proclaiming May 7, 2007 as Vietnam Veterans Day in Lewisburg.

"Many people here in Lewisburg served with honor during the war in Vietnam, including our own City Manager Eddie Fuller who served two tours in the Air Force," said Mayor Phillips. "Some even paid the ultimate sacrifice for all of us and so we humbly pay this small tribute to them by proclaiming May 7 as Vietnam Veterans Day in the City of Lewisburg."

Mayor Phillips signed the Resolution to proclaim May 7, 2007 as Vietnam Veterans Day in Lewisburg on April 25 and the resolution will be recognized at the next meeting of the Lewisburg City Council on May 8, 2007.

The body of the resolution reads as follows:

"WHEREAS, On April 30th, 1975 the last Americans withdrew from the rooftop of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon, Vietnam, thus ending the war in Vietnam; and on May 7, 1975 President Gerald R. Ford signed into law a bill officially ending the Vietnam era; and

WHEREAS, April 30, 2007 to May 7, 2007, Vietnam era veterans will be observing the 32nd anniversary of this significant time in our history and many citizens of Lewisburg and Marshall County honored this country by serving in our nation's armed forces during the Vietnam era; and

WHEREAS, Vietnam era veterans and their families are to be highly commended for their service, sacrifice, and devotion to duty during a most trying time in the history of the United States and this generation of warriors served their country valiantly under difficult circumstances, and we honor their just and honorable devotion to our country;

And WHEREAS, this nation is kept strong and free by the loyal citizens who preserve our precious American heritage through their positive patriotic declarations and actions.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mayor, acting in his capacity as the Mayor of the City of Lewisburg, Tennessee, does hereby recognize May 7, 2007 as Vietnam Veterans Day and urges all citizens to make it their duty to inspire patriotism among all of our people and remember that service once rendered can never be devalued."