Letter to the editor - It's not okay to say okay

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Dear Editor,

In Today's fast moving society, we all seem to forget the tragedies in life. First of all, my family's hearts and prayers go out to the families and victims of Virginia Tech in such a horrendous assassination of innocent human beings ever in the history of our great nation. It brings back memories of Columbine and just across the hill here at home at Richland thinking it could never happen to us.

I heard someone talking on the radio today who made me think even more. I have been a member of Marshall County School Board for seven years and I have served as chairman five of those, and to me, our kids are top priority. What I am writing are my thoughts and mine alone because I can't speak for other members of the board.

During the years past, we had this handful of people say, "Look, we can't have prayer in school because we may offend someone;" we say, 'okay'.

Then people say, "You need to take the Bible out of the schools because we don't want someone to pick it up and read it and be offended by things like -- "thou shalt not kill or love thy neighbor as thyself'"; we said "okay."

Then we had those few that said, "Hey listen, I don't want the teachers or the principals laying a hand on my child because it may warp his/her mind later in life;" we said "okay."

Now we have those same saying, "Hey, if an underage girl gets pregnant, then she should be able to get an abortion without her parents knowing," Some say, "Boys will be boys," so some schools furnish condoms they need for fun and safety; we say, "okay."

In some homes programs with explicit sex and violence are watched on TV. Music which deals in rape, sex and violence, "but this is just entertainment;" we say, "okay."

Then we have warped individuals who go into a school with a gun and take the lives of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and we wonder what caused them to be this way.

Think about it -- I think we know. I'm as guilty as anyone of not living the best that I can, but I do know right from wrong.

Each day, we either say or hear the words, "God Bless America." How can we expect God to keep blessing America until we, as human beings, put God back into America?


Jerry Campbell