CES princiapl jumped in front of students

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Photos by Rhonda Poole X-Games medalist Matt Wilhelm successfully jumps over principal Bonnie Reese.

Students at Cornersville Elementary School witnessed their principal, Bonnie Reese, get jumped on Wednesday, March 7. It's not as ominous as it seems; Matt Wilhelm, an X-Games Medalist in BMX Freestyle, was on hand to entertain the CES students on his medal-winning bicycle. And what about that jumping part? Mrs. Reese placed herself on the gymnasium floor and allowed Wilhelm to successfully jump over her on his bike.

The program was a reward for the students who sold at least five items in the school's recent fund raiser. "You did your part to help Cornersville Elementary School," Mrs. Reese told the boys and girls. "Pat yourself on the back."

Following the greeting, an energetic Wilhelm, who just returned from competition in Japan, took the floor to explain that the X-Games are like the Olympics, only more extreme (hence the X). "Please do not try this at home," he stated as he prepared to do some tricks. He explained that he broke six bones in the past attempting many of the stunts he was preparing to perform.

The top 15 fund raisers at CES are shown with Wilhelm following his amazing program.

Considered the fastest spinner in the world, Wilhelm executed the Mega Spin, Boomerang, Cliffhanger, and much more for the boys and girls, including leaping over their willing principal. Who, by the way, came out unscathed.

Wilhelm told the boys and girls that if they have a dream, pursue it no matter what. He explained that when he was younger, he was told he wasn't good enough to compete. In fact, following his first X-Games he came in last and wanted to give up. "But I worked harder. And the next X-Games I won two World Titles." And to help them reach their goals, he added, "Make sure you do well in school."

After successfully completing several stunts for the CES students, Wilhelm offered tips to keep them safe while riding their bicycles. "Please wear a helmet while riding your bike," he said. The X-Gamer told the audience that when he was three years old he was hit by a car while he was bicycling. "I survived because of a helmet."

To wrap up the program, the top three fund raisers were recognized. Christian Swesey, Gabriel King, and Henlee Mitchell won an autographed picture of Wilhelm and monetary prizes for being such hard workers. The top 15 fund raisers were presented an autographed picture of Wilhelm and a pack of Twizlers candy.

Wilhelm's visit was sponsored by Great American Opportunities and Audio Shoes.