Countywide Science Fair winners announced

Wednesday, May 2, 2007
Adrienne Carden received honorable mention in the 5th-6th grade category.

The front lobby of Westhills Elementary School was filled with excited students and family members the afternoon of Tuesday, March 6, as judges were sealed away in the school's cafeteria judging the Countywide Science Fair.

As the moments turned to minutes and the minutes seemed to go on forever, a student would occasionally walk to the safely-guarded cafeteria door window to see if they could catch a glimpse at what the judges were doing.

Then between 5:15 and 5:30 p.m., the judges emerged from the cafeteria, allowing everyone in for the highly-anticipated announcement of the winners of this year's Fair. But before the winners were revealed, certificates of participation were presented to all entrants.

Taking top honors in the 5th-6th grade category were, from left, Jordon Hickerson, 1st place; Bryan Clanton, 2nd; Alex Steely, 3rd; and C.J. Ledford, honorable mention.

The winners in the third-fourth grade category were: Taylor Shrum, Cornersville Elementary School (CES), 1st place; Ethan Evans, Westhills Elementary School (WES), 2nd; Lauren Donahue, WES, 3rd; Tyler Marcrum, WES, Honorable Mention; and Cainan Whaley, Chapel Hill Elementary School (CHES), Honorable Mention.

Taking top honors in the fifth-sixth grade category were: Jordon Hickerson, WES, 1st place; Bryan Clanton, CHES, 2nd; Alex Steely, WES, 3rd; C.J. Ledford, WES, Honorable Mention; and Adrienne Carden, WES, Honorable Mention.

First place winners were awarded a $25 monetary prize; second received $20; and third received $15. All prize money was donated by the Westhills Parent Club.

Photos by Rhonda Poole Countywide Science Fair winners in the 3rd-4th grade category were, from left, Taylor Shrum, 1st place; Ethan Evans, 2nd; Lauren Donahue, 3rd; Tyler Marcrum, honorable mention; and Cainan Whaley, honorable mention.