Business Licenses

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Becky's Family Restaurant at 5216 Nashville Highway, Chapel Hill, by Becky and Richard Garifine.

Blaine Philipson Trucking Inc. at 1382 Old Farmington Road, by Blaine Philipson.

Britni Leigh Photography at 1521 Titan Way, by Britni Leigh Dickens.

Cleary Masonry at 1765 Highway 99, Chapel Hill, by James and Bradley Cleary.

Cooks Automotive at 1215 Craig Moore Road, by Donnie Cook.

Eastside Café at 229 East Commerce St., by Timmy Robison.

P. Lee Pullen Photography at 3660 Springplace Road, Phillip Pullen.

Tidwell Construction at 239 Cumming Circle, James Tidwell.