Letter to the Editor

Soldier questions lack of response

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dear editor,

The letter below was e-mailed to 15 of the 18 commissioners over two weeks ago. I wanted to send it to all 18 commissioners, but I couldn't get the other three commissioner's email. To my disappointment, not a single commissioner that voted in favor of the land fill expansion replied back nor did I receive one single reason of how the land fill expansion could help our community.

Evidently, they are not concerned about what their constituent's think. I guess they felt that since I was in South Korea, that no response was necessary. To the Commissioners of Marshall County, I would like to say that I am very disappointed that you would not bother to at least respond and give me the consideration of an answer.

Since you could not give me 10 good reasons of how this expansion could help our community, here are ten reasons why I think this expansion is going to be a detriment to our community and put our citizens at unnecessary risk:

Marshall County has a history of contamination that includes the Rock Crusher landfill, the train wreck in the Verona area, the Heil Quaker spill, and the TCE contamination of a well in the Double Bridges area. Don't you think that we need to proceed with caution?

The East Fork Globe Creek has been on Tennessee 303 d list since 2002, 2004, 2006 and it still hasn't been cleared up.

There is a sink hole showing on the map where this expansion will be and it is my understanding that one of the problems with the existing landfill is the seepage from a sink hole. Why would we allow expansion over a sink hole when there are no controls exercised to prevent seepage from the existing site?

From correspondence with my friends, there is an odor problem that the families living around the landfill have to deal with. We have three schools less than a mile from the land fill and I'm sure the students get to smell the odor if the neighborhoods are complaining.

According to the state's report that I saw, one of the streams in the existing landfill area has been rerouted. I would assume that this would be a violation in itself.

There is no enforcement to control trucks leaving the landfill with their tarps covering the empty trucks and they are depositing silt and other debris up and down the highway.

Also, there are no requirements for the trucks to clean their tires before entering the highways, and on raining days, the highway is a mess.

I haven't seen anything that shows when the state or county will set a deadline when the creek would be required to "be clean."

I saw a picture that was sent to me of what appeared to be oil being drained from a bulldozer onto the ground at the landfill. Aren't there EPA laws that require this to be reported and cleaned up,?

Last and most important, have you considered the long range repercussion for the future of Marshall County in the problems with the landfill are not addressed? Are we assured that a clean-up is not going to be at the expense of county residents?

(Below is the letter sent to commissioners)