Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Marshall County grand jury issued 12 indictments Wednesday, including a teenage woman on charges alleging evidence tampering.

Kimberly Miller, 18, 1280 Cheek Road, was indicted on charges of tampering with evidence, possession illegal drugs with intent to resell, and possession with intent to deliver.

In a related case, Eric Greer, 21, 330 Hurt Road, was indicted for possession with intent to sell, possession with intent to deliver, and unlawful possession of a firearm in connection with Miller's charges.

The two arrests stem from an investigation by the 17th Judicial District rug Task Force on Jan. 17 when Agents Shane George and Billy Ostermann stopped a white Ford Crown Victoria on North Ellington Parkway for an alleged traffic violation. Greer was driving and Miller, the passenger, was not wearing a seat belt, the arrest warrant states.

The agents reported seeing Greer stuffing something between the seats and so they asked him to get out of the car. When questioned by the agents, Greer admitted he had a handgun in the car.

Miller was then asked to get out of the car and Agent George found a .38 caliber handgun in her waist band during a pat-down search. Next, the agents report, Miller voluntarily removed a bag of crack-cocaine from her pants.

Greer claimed ownership of the handgun and drugs, and Miller admitted to the agents she knowingly attempted to conceal them.

In other cases, the following people were indicted on the charges as revealed by court records.

Amy Chamble, 30, 859 West Commerce St., aggravated burglary and assault.

Adam Combs, 27, 859 West Commerce St., aggravated burglary and assault.

Jason Crabtree, 28, 1495 Old Columbia Road, aggravated burglary.

James Gladden Jr., 38, 828 Weaver St., two counts of theft and criminal trespass.

Hershell Harris, 41, 960 West Cedar St., two counts of theft and criminal responsibility.

Michael and Stephen Hendrix, age and address unavailable at this time, theft.

Jeremy Richardson, 27, Heil Quaker Avenue, sale of counterfeit controlled substance, two counts of sale and delivery of a Schedule II drug, and two counts of sale and delivery of an illegal drug.

Ronald Stewart, 30, 5168 Reynolds Road, two counts of aggravated burglary, five counts of theft and vandalism.

Indictment does not mean the defendant is guilty. That's determined by a judge, a jury and/or the defendant's plea of guilty.