Troops overseas thank local VFW for care packages

Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5109 in Lewisburg recently sent packages to service men and women overseas. The following letters of thanks were received by Mike Jackson, an officer at the post. It is appropriate to share them with those who contributed during the most recent collection, Jackson said.

Mr. Jackson,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the recent package that the VFW post had sent our way. The contents of the package will be put to good use among the crew here and each item was greatly appreciated!

This particular package was shared amongst the Aid Station and "line" medics at our forward location. We are located with a company-sized element, with a few attachments, at a former rail depot in the Anbar Province, west of Ramadi.

Fortunately, it has been relatively quiet in our neck of the woods, but we keep reminding ourselves that things could change quickly. The guys (and one gal) really appreciate your efforts to send along things from home and are touched by the sentiment that is embodied in each package. For some, this is their second or third deployment to Iraq, and to see that the support from home is still there is very important to them and deeply appreciated.

Thank you again for your efforts and consideration. I speak for all of the folks here when I express sincere gratitude for your support and thoughts.

Have a great day! Thanks again!

CPT James M. Brown, D.O.

2-7 IN Battalion Surgeon

Camp Hit, Iraq

Mr. Jackson,

I wanted to thank you for your package. Many of the items were either eaten on the spot by some of my soldiers or put to use immediately. I truly appreciate your time and efforts in support of all troopers that are over here in the sand box! It is really special and I cannot say thank you enough.

Very Respectfully,

CPT Christopher S. McLean

QM -- 299th FSB Support Operations

Mr. Jackson,

Julie and I got the box. Thank you very much. And thank you for the very nice letter. Also, thank you for sending boxes to our friends "down range." Keep 'em coming! They are a real "pick-me-up," especially for the guys in the sand box.

Thank you again,

Tom and Julie

Thomas Rylander

U.S. Army

Mr. Jackson,

I also received your care package here in Baghdad, Iraq. I would like to echo Tom's comments. I shared the contents with my teammates and they truly do make a difference.


Very Respectfully,

Major Pete Kalamaras

Pittsburgh, Pa.

Mr. Jackson,

Thank you so much for the package. I shared the contents with my office mates who likewise send their greetings. We all really enjoyed the letters from the kids, which was a special touch. Some of their comments are truly priceless. Thank you again for that; and know that everyone on the ground appreciates the support from the folks Stateside.

Warmest Regards,

LTC Thomas S. Bundt

MNFI Surgeon

Carl Griffis, of VFW Post 5109, explained that the collections are an ongoing project "until the soldiers come home." Boxes are sent out on the last Saturday of each month.

"We are sending out 22 more boxes this week," Griffis said.

To donate to the VFW drive call Griffis at 931-446-2651.

In another effort to show continued support for the troops, Moms on a Mission, a Marshall County organization that keeps track of military servicemen and women from this area, will also be holding a donation drive in the near future. Look for stories on this subject in future editions of the Marshall County Tribune.