Land transfers

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Property on Hill Road, from Danny and Melissa Dunivan to Robert France, $133,000.

Moonlight Hill Subdivision lot 26, from Earl and Debra Hileman to Hector and Eva Cruz, $144,500.

Glennwood Estates Subdivision lot 39, from Jeff Poarch to David Robinson, $65,000.

Nathan Subdivision lot 42, from Rural Development Group LLC to Matthew Casserly, $131,500.

Wilson Road, 5.08 acres, from Jeff Knox to William and Cathleen Roberts, $133,900.

Glennwood Estates lot 56, from Jeff Poarch to Leonard and Mary Dierking, $85,900.

Property on Franklin Highway, from Bank of New York to Briley Sharp revocable living trust, $52,000.

Twin Caves Subdivision lot 4, from Jeff and Faye Anderson to Johnson and Johnnie Adams, $105,000.

Patrick Smith Subdivision lot 2, from Patrick Smith to Christopher Wilson, $6,500.

Chris Hierholzer Addition lot 1, from Richard Oxford to Chris Hierholzer, $2,500.

G&H Subdivision lot 4, from Melinda Herron and Jed Jones to Martha Smith, $94,000.

Property on Mulberry Street, from Danny and Patsy Hanson and Cecil and Sarah Spencer to Karla and Jeramie Cherry, $70,500.

Holly Grove Road, 4.61 acres, from Crady and Dolores Cole to James and Delana Bennett to Ashley and James Weldon, $110,000.

Property on Highway 31A, from Keith and Sandra Roberson to Robert France, $235,725.

Tract of 188.26 acres in District 3, from Ralph and Evie Lowrance to Elisabeth McMillan and Christopher Maga, $523,000.

Giles Road, .30 acres, from James, Sharon, Phillip, and Paula Calahan to James and Barbara Jerez, $86,100.

Horton Cove Subdivision lot 5, from Ted and Amanda Mullins to Joseph and Wyndee Clara, $172,500.

Property on State Route 373, from State of Tennessee to Fred Tillman.

Second Avenue 3/8 acre, from Betty Pusey to Miguel Herman and Melva Aguilar, $21,900.

Cochran Cemetery Road, 6.8 acres, from Michael and Teresa Cook to Charles and Rebecca Coble, $350,000.