Land transfers

Friday, June 8, 2007

Property on McDowell Lane, from David Robinson and Jeff Poarch to Robert Hatcher and R&H Construction, $2,500.

Lewisburg Caney Spring Road, 4.1 acres, from Beneficial Tennessee Inc. to Jimmy Calahan, $29,900.

Holly Grove Estates Subdivision lot 55, from William and Bradley Hooten to Joshua and Honnah Gill, $91,000.

Cherry Corner, 10 acres, from William Calahan to Nathanael David, $108,000.

Azalee Subdivision lot 29, from Isaac Zimmerle to Andrew and Tina Mills, $172,940.

Nathan Subdivision lot 16, from Jeff Knox to Gay Wandling, $110,000.

Country Estates Subdivision lot 16, from Teva and Richard Schilling Jr. to Raechel Eckelbecker, $103,900.

Reserve at Azalee Acres Subdivision lot 113, from Joseph and Rebecca Daughrity to Charles and Sharon Crossnoe, $25,000.

Azalee Acres lot 18, from Isaac Zimmerle to Trina Esposito, $130,452.

Milltown Road, 26.77 acres, from Tony and Marsha Lancaster to Damien and Holly Prince, $33,462.50.Fairview Subdivision lot 198, from Elders of Church Street Church of Christ to James Rickman and Phil Comstock, $26,000.

Property on Second Street, from Danny and Patsy Hanson and Cecil and Sarah Spencer to Beverly Risner, $39,650.

Roy McCollum Road, 36.35 acres, from Ricky Land to Frank and Aida Rodriguez, $114,150.

Verona Caney Road, 1.39 acres, from Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation to Tim and Lula Crane, $54,600.

Wade Brown Road, 1 acre, from James and Cynthia Carter to Lisa Copelane, $86,000.

Property on Franklin Avenue, from Tammie Giddens to Scott Campbell, Naomi Pusey, and Louis Adkins, $72,900.

Glennwood Estates Subdivision lot 27, from Jeff Poarch to Joshua Winn, $87,550.

Holly Grove Estates lot 53, from William and Bradley Hooten to Angie Yarbrough, $92,330.

State Route 373, .158 acres, from Perry and Derrick Dennis to Tennessee Department of Transportation.

Timberhills Subdivision lot 57, from John Chunn to Jeff Poarch, $23,500.

Delina Road, .36 acres, from Roger and Brenda Lemley to Ruth and August Zollner Jr., $57,000.

Wynwood Subdivision lots 20, 21, 22, and 23, from Gary Finley to Jeffrey Moore, $76,000.

Forrest Retreat Subdivision lot 31, from Jeffrey Moore to Jamie Aken, $126,800.

Westview Subdivision lots 101 and102, Westview Subdivision Revised lots 112 and 114, and Glennwood Estates Subdivision lot 47, from David Robinson and Jeff Poarch to James Burrahn, $25,200.

Cornersville Delina Road, 15.97 acres, from Mauldin and Sharon Crabtree to Earle and Regina Ferguson, $47,400.

Chapel Woods at Walnut Hills Subdivision lot 140, from Brandy Walker to Rebecca Hill, $130,000.

Anes Station Road and Wade Brown Road, 5.08 acres, from Jason Jent and Jim Rickman to Sara Ham, $115,000.

Silver Creek Road, .29 acres, from Ricky, Patricia, and Roxie Thomison to Silestre Cruz and Neiner Enriquez, $50,000.

Arpasy Joseph J. Survey lot 2, from Joseph Arpasy to Ronald and Tracy Dunnivant, $10,000.

Brents Road Subdivision lot 3, from Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota to Jeff Brown, $30,000.

Village West Subdivision lot 34, from Jimmy and Ruby Calahan to Phillip Blackwell, $88,000.

Horton Highway Subdivision lots 1, 2, 3, and 4, from Stoney Brook Enterprises LLC to Twin Elms Co. LLC, $200,000.

Highway 31A, 35.23 acres, from Joanna Gasperson, Ramy Jisha, and RS&J Partners LLC to H&E Development LLC, $250,000.

Property on College Street, from Joseph Bradford to Yancy and James Yates, $32,000.

Property on Eagleville Chapel Hill Road, from John Ehlers to Jennifer Mitchell, $89,900.

Greater Lewisburg Heights Subdivision lots 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, from Swartz & Brough Inc. to Lonnie Hodge and Margie Westmoreland, $34,000.

Rolling Hills Subdivision lot 75, from Jeff Brock and Myrtle Ewing to Andy and Donna Poarch, $134,900.

Wilkerson Acres Subdivision lot 40, from DAVID Goins to Ciriaco and Maria Centeno, $20,000

Michael Perryman Subdivision lot 1, from Secretary for Secretary of Housing to Joey and Judy Mangrum, $126,001.

Castano Park Subdivision lots 32 and 33, from Garland and Jessie Hargrove to Jeff Poarch, $30,000.

Sewer Pump Station Subdivision lot 1, from W.H. Coble Jr. and Glenn Hardison to City of Lewisburg.

Ostella Road, 20.91 acres, from Town of Cornersville to City of Lewisburg.

Dixie Addition lots 17 and 19, from Town of Cornersville to City of Lewisburg.

US Highway 31A, .52 acres, from Town of Cornersville to City of Lewisburg.

Old Lewisburg Highway, from Town of Cornersville to City of Lewisburg.

Overland Meadows Subdivision lot 5, from Barry and Vicki Gibbs to Gary and Carol Wilson, $220,000.

Cameron Acres Subdivision lot 8, from Donald and Candy Reed to Bret and Meghan Cavener, $114,000.

Sugar Maple Cove Subdivision lot 14, from Citimortgage Inc. to Kim and Patricia Bancroft, $121,900.

Alderdice Subdivision lot 1, from Ross and Sandy Tate to Dana Wells, $79,000.

Clayton Heights Subdivision lots 17, 18, 19, and 20, from William Wilson to William and Lisa Harwell, $61,000.

Verona Road, 5.08 acres, from Mae Fannie and Federal National Mortgage Association to Greg Roth, $54,900.

Chapel Woods at Walnut Hills lot 102, from Jeffrey and Jill Burgett to Wayne Cordell, $108,000.

Warner Subdivision lot 2A, from Betty and Lynn Neely to Oscar Moorehead, $500.

Comstock Road, 7.66 acres, from Gene and Crystal Whaley to Carol Snyder, $119,000.