McConnell hired as prosecutor

Friday, June 15, 2007
Diane McConnell

The Marshall County Courthouse has a fresh face, recently hired Assistant District Attorney Diane McConnell.

A Lawrence County native, McConnell earned her undergraduate degree in finance from Belmont and worked as a banker for 18 years at a community bank, before deciding to pursue her law degree.

"I got bored and needed a challenge," McConnell said. "It was fairly hard to adjust, but it was exciting. When you have been out of school that long you appreciate it more than if you went straight out of high school."

McConnell earned her law degree from the University of Mississippi in 2004. She worked for a Jackson, Miss. insurance company and then for the Tennessee State Attorney General's Office in Nashville before moving on to the district attorney's office.

"Again, I sought a greater challenge. Working for the DA promises to provide that challenge, and I'm looking forward to it," McConnell said. "Learning all of the people, the other attorneys, law enforcement officers, and the way each court operates has been a challenge. I'm learning the procedures here, in Fayetteville, and Shelbyville in general sessions, circuit, and juvenile courts."

Thus far, McConnell says she has been pleased with her new position and feels at home in Lewisburg.

"The job is fulfilling because this line of work affects so many people's lives, not just the victims, but the people I am responsible for prosecuting. It requires a tremendous amount of judgment and integrity," McConnell said. "Really and truly everyone I've met in Lewisburg has been so welcoming and warm."