Letter to the Editor

Please return a piece of my heart

Friday, June 29, 2007

Dear Editor:

My name is Emily Langley. I live in Foley, Ala. which is located just north of Gulf Shores (a popular tourist destination). I am one block off of the major beach highway and one block to the north of a BP gas station where my dog was picked up on May 13 by a black SUV with TN plates that had Stone Mountain, Ga. tag holder.

My dog got out of our fence on May 12, while I was out of town and my husband was supposed to be at home watching my dogs. We have been franticly looking for her since she got out of a hole in my fence (that was dug by our neighbor's loose dog).

I have been on the radio, and TV news stations (WKRG TV 5 Mobile), I have signs posted all over town, I have handled out fliers to many people, people from the national breed club have driven over at their own expense to assist me.

While I was posting signs a lady came up with information regarding the black SUV. She said she had seen them lure my dog into their SUV with food and that they drove North on HWY 59 (that would be headed to the interstates). She said she knew what a Sheltie was because she used to own one.

Part of me wants to thank these people for picking up the dog and keeping her from being hit by a car. But most of all I want them to know how much I love Mya, how much I miss her, and that I want her back, no questions asked.

Whoever you are, you have a piece of my heart. Please contact me so that I can get Mya back safely.

I believe that if these people went to the trouble to capture my lost dog that they must have driven back home to TN with her. This is where I need everyone's help. Because my dog was in her 6-ft. privacy fenced backyard she had on no collar or tags. But she is micro-chipped. I know that if they may take my dog to a vet and I hope that if I can get the information out to all the vets, shelters, etc. I hope that some how she will be scanned and returned to me.

Mya was due to replace our Casey as the therapy dog at the local nursing home. Mya is important not just to me but to those residents at that nursing home as well.

If anyone can do anything to help me it would be much appreciated.

We have Mya listed as lost on multiple sites on the Internet but as we all know so often people do not go looking there when they find a dog. I am offering a $1,000 reward for Mya's return.

She is approximately 14 inches tall at the shoulder and is dark brown with less white than "Lassie" but has the "Lassie" markings. Mya weighs around 13 to 17 lbs.

My phone number is 251-943-8393, alternate 251-943-6481, husband's cell 251-213-6133, my vet's phone number 251-943-3211. My e-mail is emszoo@gulftel.com

Thank you all so very much,

Emily Langley

Foley, Ala.