Quik Mart #10 returns to Lewisburg

Friday, June 29, 2007

In 1979, South Tennessee Oil Company established Quik Mart #10, a convenience store with gasoline, on the corner of North Ellington Parkway and Nashville Highway in Lewisburg. The store occupied that corner, where Walgreen's is now located, until 1998. H. C. Edwards, Jr. leased the corner from Bay Roberts. He spent $35,000 on a metal building and $35,000 on pumps, tanks and canopy for fuel.

"Elizabeth Webster was one of the most successful managers there and later supervised all the Quik Mart stores in the area," said owner Jonathan Edwards.

Edwards has purchased the northwest corner at the same intersection, between H & S Pharmacy and Coble Furniture, across from the former location. The new Quick Mart #10 is scheduled to open on July 9.

"We are excited to be back in a high-profile site, on the highest trafficked corner in Lewisburg," said Edwards. "We had such success at this site in the 1980s and 90s."

The new facility will offer a 2,800 square foot, state-of-the-art convenience store and prepared food service, a huge canopy, Shell gasoline at 12 fueling positions, auto and heavy truck diesel. Negotiations are underway to possibly offer Biodiesel and/or E85 ethanol through separate pumps, Edwards said.

Quik Mart's first store in Lewisburg opened in 1976 on West Commerce. Two others were acquired, 1434 Mooresville Pike in 1984 and Cornersville in 1988.

"We've seen good times and bad times in Lewisburg and Marshall County. We survived the economic slowdown and high interest rates in the early 80s. We witnessed Teledyne's ups and downs," Edwards said. "We benefited, as did the community, when the auto manufacturers moved to Tennessee and suffered when Heil Quaker ceased production." Edwards says Lewisburg "has always been a good place to do business." He said the city and county have proven to be progressive and resilient, adding that Quik Mart wants to be a part of the continued local success, adding that "the elected officials and public employees are helpful and focused on growth."

"We are committed to Lewisburg and Marshall County. We look forward to serving many of our old customers at the new location and lots of new ones," Edwards said.

South Tennessee Oil Company, Inc. operates 40 Quik Mart Convenience Stores throughout southern middle Tennessee and northwest Alabama.