Westvue Church of Christ FBS delights Marshall Countians

Friday, July 27, 2007
Pictured at right are some of the FBS attendees.

Every summer the Church of Christ at Westvue delights the citizens of Marshall County with their Family Bible School.

July 2007 was no exception. FBS 2007, The Patriarchs: Servants of God, included learning centers detailing stories from the Old Testament such as Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, World of the Patriarchs, Lot and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, and Joseph.

There were also learning centers for crafts, Bible Bowl and a film.

Kindergarten through sixth grade visited two learning centers each night.

Classes were also available for nursery to 5 years old.

Various speakers presented lessons each night to the teenage and adult classes.

Regular services for Westvue Church of Christ, located at 1710 Mooresville Highway, are: Sunday Morning Worship -- 9a.m., Bible Classes -10:15 a.m., Evening Worship -- 6p.m., Wednesday Mid-Week Bible Study and Devotional -- 7p.m.