Weather affects MMC invasive surgeries

Friday, August 24, 2007

Patients scheduled for surgery at Marshall Medical Center (MMC) may be asked to consult with their physician to find another operating room.

According to Rita Williams, Director of Marketing for Maury Regional Hospital, due to the extreme hot weather experienced throughout Marshall County and Tennessee, the humidity levels in the [Marshall County Medical Center] surgery suite are higher than recommended guidelines for conducting invasive surgery.

"Because we are focused on quality clinical care, we closely monitor conditions in the surgery suite on a daily basis. When we discovered the humidity was higher than recommended, we stopped conducting invasive procedures as a precautionary measure," said Williams.

"We are working on reducing the humidity by adjusting the air system and expect to resume conducting invasive procedures at Marshall Medical Center soon." Until the air system has been adjusted to meet safety guidelines, physicians are working with their patients to determine if they would like to schedule their surgery at Maury Regional Hospital or the hospital of their choice.

The medical center is still able to conduct non-invasive procedures, such as gastrointestinal scopes.